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Olivia+Palermo+Olivia+Palermo+Jonnes+Huebl+5IUXipdEsXVlI don’t know about you, but I love looking at online magazines, especially The Edit by

I enjoy reading the articles by CHRISTA D’SOUZA and am always left inspired with a new way to wear the contents of my existing wardrobe.

I just read her newest piece on Style Rethink, a combination of Off Duty/On Duty wardrobe essentials that will help us all get it together.

“You OWE it to yourself to look FLAWLESS at all times. Your public EXPECTS it of you” – CHRISTA D’SOUZA via

And you must remember how much I love Olivia Palermo? She represents utter chic.

What has inspired you lately?

For the full article


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