IM Mascara – the perfect companion for crimson pouts

IM Mascara - MexicoI recently read an article in Net-A-Porter talking about Mexico and  how Mexican women tend to wear red lipstick and black mascara, that they had a cult favorite that is only available in Mexico.

Lucky for me my dear friend Shawn was in Mexico City at the time of the article and I immediatly wrote to him asking him if he would be able to bring some back  and he did.

He was so sweet, he picked up one of each, made me very happy.

I tried it today and found it easy to apply and guess what? It made my lashes look pretty, thicker, longer and natural.

What’s your favorite mascara?

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It’s nice to see crimson pouts continuing to emerge from this past holiday season. They say that in Mexico a red lip rules, besides a cult beauty mascara that can only be bought in Mexico.

On my next visit, I’ll go on the hunt and make sure to bring my favorite red with me.

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Run Around Chic –

Olivia+Palermo+Olivia+Palermo+Jonnes+Huebl+5IUXipdEsXVlI don’t know about you, but I love looking at online magazines, especially The Edit by

I enjoy reading the articles by CHRISTA D’SOUZA and am always left inspired with a new way to wear the contents of my existing wardrobe.

I just read her newest piece on Style Rethink, a combination of Off Duty/On Duty wardrobe essentials that will help us all get it together.

“You OWE it to yourself to look FLAWLESS at all times. Your public EXPECTS it of you” – CHRISTA D’SOUZA via

And you must remember how much I love Olivia Palermo? She represents utter chic.

What has inspired you lately?

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Beauty Inside Tip via Net-A-Porter

imagesLearning new tips & tricks never goes out of style and if you don’t read Net-A-Porter’s stylish online magazine then your missing out.  I love it and read every new edition and always walk away inspired.

“Be wary of layering lipstick; the more moisture you put on top, the more it breaks down the pigment and fades color.”

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Miranda Kerr & ELLIS FAAS RED


I love, love Miranda Kerr and once again I’ve fallen in-love with her even more, if that’s humanly possible.

If I met her, I would get the list of all of her favorite shades of our favorite hue and watching the new video on Net-a-Porter we discover that she’s a fan of ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips in ELLIS RED.

Here is the video enjoy!

Oh, and I would kill for one of those leopard sweaters!