How To Marry A Millionaire

lauren-bacall-then-3How To Marry A Millionaire is my favorite Lauren Bacall movie. Believe it or not, it’s a movie I put into the DVD player or VHS every few years.

How_to_marry_a_millionaireIt’s just hysterical and I don’t believe that if I were standing inline buying food that a man would cover my tab if I found myself without funds.  But then you can ask, what deli or grocery store am I in or the truth is that men like that  don’t exist anymore.

Lauren Bacall is a legend, all she had to do was put her lips together and blow and every single man fell at her feet.

We at least have all of her movies to remind us of what true glamor is all about, oh and she wore red lipstick.

Have you seen any of her movies?


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