Going Back-to-Basics With 3LAB

3LABInvesting in a quality cleanser and exfoliating scrub is important to healthy skin. It’s also okay to have several, after all no two cleansers or scrubs are created equal.

You need a milky cleanser for dry skin or for when your skin feels dry, a foaming cleanser for combination to oily skin or for those moments when you’ve been working up an appetite.

Our skin changes with the climate, travel and our overall health. I personally never know what my skin might need.

Two of my favorite skincare basics are by 3LAB.  I love their Perfect Cleansing Foam  and Perfect Cleansing Scrub,  both were named appropriately because ladies they are perfect.

Both are gentle for daily use, I admit I use an exfoliating scrub on my skin every morning, it’s part of getting my canvas ready for my makeup application, you need healthy skin for a smooth makeup application.

I love the cleanser because a little goes a long way, the foam is incredible and each tube can last 6 months if used twice a day.

I usually prefer my scrubs to be grittier, but this one is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

So, what are your skincare basics?


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