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SephoraFavorites_Hero_112613_ImageI have several beauty tips, but this one I find useful more often than not.  I had bangs almost two years ago and I loved them, but they were a job in itself to maintain.  I finally started growing them out and ladies I am still growing them out.

It used to be that keeping my bangs picture perfect were my hair obsessions and now since their regrowth it’s been keeping all the flyways, frizzes under control.  That’s actually my full-time beauty occupation.

What do I use when nothing seems to work, because at some point there is no overnight treatment, hair mask or serum that’s going to help.  I use one of my many sample mascaras to comb my tiny flyways and frizzes and my problem goes away, until the next morning that is.  But the beauty of this tip is that the control will last all day, how can you not love that? For blondes or redheads I recommend brown mascara instead of the usual black and this trick also helps cover up the grey.

You can use your regular mascara too, but the sample mascara brush is smaller and works better. 

What are your beauty tips?


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