New Red Lip Pencil to Go Out & Buy Now!

Affordable lip color, we’re on top of it and recently discovered a new red lip pencil that can be worn alone or with your favorite lipstick. New Nano Lip Liners by Sepora are available in an assortment of colors but we’re into Real Red and it looks like it just might be that. The beautyContinue reading “New Red Lip Pencil to Go Out & Buy Now!”

A Red Lipstick To Consider – Under Age Red by Kat Von D

Well, I can’t say I have ever been a fan of Kat Von D.  However she does know how to create glorious color.  She recently launched a lipstick collection that includes 7 shades of red and colors we never imagined existed. Looking at the jpgs on‘s post makes me want to walk into sephoraContinue reading “A Red Lipstick To Consider – Under Age Red by Kat Von D”

Sunday’s Red by Sunday Riley

Sunday by Sunday Riley is a bright coral-orange red that can be worn sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. It’s considered a bright red with warm undertones….and works with a variety of complexions. The pigment is rich and moisturizing, lasting through out the day, even after my morning smoothie and afternoon green juice.Continue reading “Sunday’s Red by Sunday Riley”