Mac Ruby Woo

FullSizeRenderOkay, I finally broke down and walked into my neighborhood Mac boutique and picked up Ruby Woo. I broke down because every time I liked someone’s lipstick and asked what they were wearing I heard the same response, Mac Ruby Woo. I had enough.

I can honestly tell you that the color is gorgeous, but there is no staying power, I have to reapply after every sip of my green juice or decaf iced coffee.  But then again it was under $20, what do I expect?

In either case my lips look gorgeous darling.  If anyone has any tips on what to wear it with to help give it more staying power I’m all ears.

Happy hunting!


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17 thoughts on “Mac Ruby Woo

  1. Love this post… Ruby Woo is such a beautiful colour, I’ve just posted a review of one of MAC’s most popular lip pencils would love it if you could check it out hun xo

  2. I have been searching for this colour for a while now! Must be very popular as it’s always sold out. I’ve found that in general MAC lipsticks don’t have great staying power which is a shame. I love the colours though so it hasn’t completely put me off! x

  3. Hi, you could try to put a paper napkin on top of your lips and then apply some powder. I know it may sound silly, but this really helps to make the lipstick last a little longer. Hope this helps! It’s a good purchase by the way, I love it! xx

  4. I love MAC lipsticks so much! this is one of my favourite shades for sure and I find that it lasts so much longer than some other brands! love your post! Abby X

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