City Girl in Red Lipstick, San Francisco, Abby Villaruel, Aesthetic RN Specialist


Abby caught my eye immediately, it was her gorgeous makeup application and shade of crimson. I asked her what she was wearing and I wasn’t surprised by her answer, it’s the same answer I’ve heard whenever I admire another woman’s shade of crimson.

” Mac Ruby Woo”

I asked Abby a few more questions:

Q: Why do you wear red lipstick? 

A: There’s something magical about red lipstick. When I’m having a bad hair day, when my makeup doesn’t seem right or when I’m feeling tired in general. The moment, that red stick touches my lips, I feel glamorous right away. My Red Lipstick Saves the day! 👄💄
Q: How does it make you feel?
A: It makes me feel bright and beautiful and it turns my dullest days into my most glamorous days.
Q: How old were you when you started wearing crimson?

A: I started wearing red lipstick in my late twenties. I feel stunning, stylish and successful every time I wear it.

Well ladies, if we arn’t wearing crimson yet, this is as good as any reason to start.

Abby is one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!

Mac Ruby Woo

FullSizeRenderOkay, I finally broke down and walked into my neighborhood Mac boutique and picked up Ruby Woo. I broke down because every time I liked someone’s lipstick and asked what they were wearing I heard the same response, Mac Ruby Woo. I had enough.

I can honestly tell you that the color is gorgeous, but there is no staying power, I have to reapply after every sip of my green juice or decaf iced coffee.  But then again it was under $20, what do I expect?

In either case my lips look gorgeous darling.  If anyone has any tips on what to wear it with to help give it more staying power I’m all ears.

Happy hunting!

City Girl in Red Lipstick, Nicole, Accountant, Baltimore

Nicole When she’s not crunching numbers, Nicole in her spare time pinup models and moonlights as an opera singer and makeup artist. She’s a huge fan of our favorite hue, one we know is always in season.

In this image she’s wearing Anastasia’s liquid lipstick in American Doll over Mac’s Ruby Woo lip pencil and doesn’t it look gorgeous? Now that’s what we call a lethal combination.

Why I love wearing red lipstick, it’s classic, sophisticated and bold. I feel like a modern day pinup and red lipstick goes with everything. – Nicole, Accountant

Oh, and Nicole has won a Pinup competition this past September where she came in 2nd, way to go Nicole.

Nicole is one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!

City Girl in Red Lipstick – New York, Scarlet Sinclair, Tattoo Artist

430223_3759286695767_1622968238_nScarlet Sinclair is a multifaceted tattoo artist who every so often moonlights as a burlesque performer and is known to dabble in white magic, okay she’s a good witch and she’s given me good advice.

We asked Scarlet about red lipstick and she graciously shared her favorite hues of crimson with us.

MAC Ruby Woo is my go-to “WOW” red for when I want to dress up or just wear something bright and show-stopping. But sometimes it’s too dry, so my second MAC fave is Russian Red… similar stunning true red, just creamier. Other favorites include Besame’s Red Velvet which is a deep, classic red (I’m a sucker for their vintage packaging!). And my new everyday favorite is Tarte’s Lipsurgence Matte Lip Stain in Fiery, it’s a lovely deep red yet has a very soft quality to the color… it’s a matte finish yet feels like lip balm.
Both Images Courtesy of Scarlett Sinclair
Both Images Courtesy of Scarlett Sinclair
I’ve always been a fan of red lipstick for some reason. It hearkens back to old Hollywood glamour and makes me feel fearless even if I’m in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m also a practicing witch so I believe in using makeup as a tool of transformation and feminine power. I remember once enchanting my red lipstick before a job interview, to help me speak with clarity and confidence. It works!”– Scarlett Sinclair, Tattoo Artist
Scarlet is wearing Mac Ruby Woo and she’s a City Girl in Red Lipstick!
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