My Birthday Reds

Nothing like receiving a few great reds for your birthday. I had to pick up another Dragon Girl, it just one of the most flattering reds I’ve tried. I finally added Vesuvio to the rotations and found a bargain with ELF Cosmetics. Nars: Vesuvio Nars: Dragon Girl ELF Cosmetics: Rich Red Any new crimsons inContinue reading “My Birthday Reds”

There’s a New Red in Town – IT Girl by It Cosmetics

The texture is just like butter, lips are hydrated, plump and moist. The shade is gorgeous and I’ll say this is one perfect shade of red. It was literally love-at-first-sight. The scent is intoxicating and the color is simply gorgeous. This is part of their Blurred Lines Lip Collection, there are 9 shades in all,Continue reading “There’s a New Red in Town – IT Girl by It Cosmetics”

Lipstick to try Before you Die – Revlon Fire & Ice

Okay, I don’t know if that statement is true, but I can agree with the fact that those are crimsons worth considering. I’ve never tried Revlon’s Fire & Ice, but if I see it on my next trip to the drugstore I guess I just might pick it up. What about you guys, see anythingContinue reading “Lipstick to try Before you Die – Revlon Fire & Ice”