Lipstick to try Before you Die – Revlon Fire & Ice

Okay, I don’t know if that statement is true, but I can agree with the fact that those are crimsons worth considering. I’ve never tried Revlon’s Fire & Ice, but if I see it on my next trip to the drugstore I guess I just might pick it up. What about you guys, see anythingContinue reading “Lipstick to try Before you Die – Revlon Fire & Ice”

Red LipGlosses to Consider

Personally I don’t wear lip gloss, wish I did but the truth is it just doens’t look good on me. I don’t like shine, I don’t mind dewy skin but not shiny lips. Plus it’s hard to maintain and comes off at the slightest kiss. The  two shades of red made the cut on theContinue reading “Red LipGlosses to Consider”

Miranda Kerr – Harper’s Bazaar

Gracing the cover of February’s Harper’s Bazaar is my first girl crush, or the first time I ever publicly used the term. I’ve been a big admirer of women with style since I was a child. Doesn’t she look lovely? I can’t wait till it arrives in the mail, than we will all find outContinue reading “Miranda Kerr – Harper’s Bazaar”

Afternoon Reading – Lola Rykiel for Harper’s Bazaar

I love, love surfing the net and have a lot of my usual blogs and websites that I visit on a daily basis.  The only time that doesn’t happen is on the weekends and while I’m away on vacation. Today I went to some of my usual haunts and came across an article by LolaContinue reading “Afternoon Reading – Lola Rykiel for Harper’s Bazaar”

Garance Doré’s Dragon Girl by Nars

Can anyone be more chic? I’ve been an admirer of  Garance Doré since I discovered her blog three years ago, I also admit that I am more curious about her beauty regimen, more specifically Red Lipstick favorites. Visiting Paris Vogue this afternoon I discovered: Dans la salle de bain de Garance Doré – an articleContinue reading “Garance Doré’s Dragon Girl by Nars”