~ The World Famous Tweezer ~

I take turns eyebrow mapping, eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tweezing.  I generally tweeze stray facial hair . My beauty tool of choice is Tweezerman! It’s the best in precision and it’s guaranteed to grab unwanted facial hair every time.  I’ve bought other tweezers over the years, often trying to economize but I always go back to Tweezerman. I foundContinue reading “~ The World Famous Tweezer ~”


Try the 5-second Makeover Tool

My favorite Magazine just went digital!  You can now view past issues online, and catch up on breakthrough beauty information. They created a beauty tool, the 5-second makeover tool. It’s easy, upload a picture and pick the procedures, it gives you a before and after look.  You can even email your picture to yourself andContinue reading “Try the 5-second Makeover Tool”

~ RevitaBrow ~

Everyone who knows me, knows I over tweeze. I developed an eyebrow complex after my childhood playmates (Rudy, Renee, and Abel) refered to me as UniBrow. I’ve basically remained eyebrow challenged through out my whole adult life, until now that I started testing RevitaBrow. I’ve been faithfully applying RevitaBrow on my eyebrows every night for the past two weeks.  ThisContinue reading “~ RevitaBrow ~”

New – Marini Lash

I’ve been using Marini Lash for 8 days, and my eyelashes are stunning!  They are longer, thicker and fuller.  I can only imagine what they are going to look like in 8 more days – simply gorgeous! I’m so excited, this means I may never ever have to wear mascara again.  Well I’m sure I’ll wear mascara again forContinue reading “New – Marini Lash”

Lippmann Nail Collection

Ever wonder what to put on healthy nails? I did and discovered the Lippmann nail collection.  I fell in love with Sarah Smile, a nail color created by Deborah Lippmann and Sarah Jessica Parker. Deborah Lippmann is the favorite celebrity manicurist, and she can boast about George Clooney being on her clientele list.  I would love to have George in myContinue reading “Lippmann Nail Collection”