Eyebrows to Die for by Peter Thomas Roth

I didn’t think my eyebrows could improve, but they did magically overnight.  I was impressed. Let’s face it, I’ve been eyebrow challanged practially my whole life and now that I’ve been testing these amazing eyebrow enhancers my eyebrows have never looked better. Brows to Die for by Peter Thomas Roth are Brows to Die for, literally.  My eyebrowsContinue reading “Eyebrows to Die for by Peter Thomas Roth”

Rodin Olio Lusso – Luxury for your Lips

I don’t know which I prefer, the gorgeous chic packaging or the luxurious texture.  Rodin Olio Lusso created a decedant lip balm that is pretty and delightfully moisturizing.  The key ingrediants are Jasmine, Orange, Flower Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Castor Oil. I loved that it left my lips smooth, soft and kissable. Rodin Olio Lusso isContinue reading “Rodin Olio Lusso – Luxury for your Lips”

TriLash for Voluminous Lashes

I love having long, full and voluminous lashes and I saw improvement after a couple of weeks.  Honestly I have beautiful lashes, finally my eyelash curler has something to hold on to.  I can use any brand of mascara and still have gorgeous, lush and dense lashes. TriLash for luxurious lashes – it gets a ten!Continue reading “TriLash for Voluminous Lashes”

TriLash – growing gorgeous and beautiful lashes

    FREE SAMPLES 1,000,000 For a limited time, we are giving America up to one million free samples of TriLash™ to demonstrate the quality & effectiveness of the amazing Trilash™ serum. TriLash™ is fantastic for fast, safe, beautiful results! We need your help, spread the word! Tell your friends about TriLash email a friendContinue reading “TriLash – growing gorgeous and beautiful lashes”

Certified Organic – Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients

I often wake up with dry chapped lips and have to go through the process every morning of removing dry flakey skin.  I prefer to avoid that and require a lip balm that provides me with hydration and nutrition.  I recently discovered Intelligent Nutrients.  I’ve been testing Lip Delivery Nutrition, a lip balm product with anti-aging benefits and intense hydration.   AllContinue reading “Certified Organic – Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients”

SF Barneys New York: Blake Lively’s Rodin olio lusso

Rodin olio lusso is a unique luxury facial oil that leaves your skin feeling and looking supple, radiant and hydrated from within.  The eleven blend of aromatic oils are derived from flowers and various botanicals.  The intoxicating scent was soothing and calming.  I loved the glow-giving properties it gave my skin.  A gorgeous chic elixir, the secretContinue reading “SF Barneys New York: Blake Lively’s Rodin olio lusso”

Winner-Allure Editor Choice Awards – TouchBack by ColorMark

TouchBack Gray It’s no mistake I’m getting older, and I fight the monthly battle of having to cover roots and gray hair.  Men look great sporting salt-n-pepper hair but sadly women don’t. I’m on a cycle where I need to touch up my roots every six weeks and cover my gray areas every four weeks.  AllContinue reading “Winner-Allure Editor Choice Awards – TouchBack by ColorMark”

~ Sex & the Single girl ~

I bought this book years ago, when I was teaching myself about the Rules of Dating.  I was too young and naïve back then, that learning anything without experience wasn’t an option. There are no short cuts  for single or married women. The same amount of work is involved in getting a man and keeping one. AContinue reading “~ Sex & the Single girl ~”