Going Back-to-Basics With 3LAB

3LABInvesting in a quality cleanser and exfoliating scrub is important to healthy skin. It’s also okay to have several, after all no two cleansers or scrubs are created equal.

You need a milky cleanser for dry skin or for when your skin feels dry, a foaming cleanser for combination to oily skin or for those moments when you’ve been working up an appetite.

Our skin changes with the climate, travel and our overall health. I personally never know what my skin might need.

Two of my favorite skincare basics are by 3LAB.  I love their Perfect Cleansing Foam  and Perfect Cleansing Scrub,  both were named appropriately because ladies they are perfect.

Both are gentle for daily use, I admit I use an exfoliating scrub on my skin every morning, it’s part of getting my canvas ready for my makeup application, you need healthy skin for a smooth makeup application.

I love the cleanser because a little goes a long way, the foam is incredible and each tube can last 6 months if used twice a day.

I usually prefer my scrubs to be grittier, but this one is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

So, what are your skincare basics?


My Obsession with BB Creams – New Aqua BB by 3LAB

3LAB_AquaBBMy obsession with BB Cream continues and now I have a new compact to add to my rotations.

I’m big on using quality skincare and makeup, after all it comes into direct contact with my skin.

Also what’s not to love about a BB Cream formulated with anti-aging properties?

New Aqua BB glides on the skin, leaving behind silky skin for that perfect instagram selfie.