A Red Lipstick to Consider – Lady Danger by Mac

LadyDangerI’ve been meaning to walk into my neighborhood Mac Boutique, I mean it’s across from Nars on Fillmore Street.

Why? because Lady Danger appealed to me when it was first launched and it’s been on my list of reds to consider.  I do get bored and rotate all of my reds before adding a new one to my collection.

Lady Danger by Mac seems to be a favorite of Alexa Chung’s, so now I have to try it, after all Alexa Chung has never steered me in the wrong direction.


Alexa Chung’s New Book “iT”

via Stylebistro.com
via Stylebistro.com

Alexa Chung is a fashion icon, she’s always dressed in a ladylike manner, yet remains modern and timeless.

Recently she’s penned her first book “iT” which launched at Liberty London earlier this week.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it, how about you?

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via Graziadaily.co.uk
via Graziadaily.co.uk

City Girl in Red Lipstick – Alexa Chung

Another favorite fashion icon is Alexa Chung, she understands fashion, making the classics and traditional pieces look edgy and modern.  Here she is wearing a classic Red Lip and looking as stunning as always.

Here’s to Alexa Chung and Red Lipstick!

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