Red Lipstick Over The Weekend

CandaceLake-GarypepperGirl at Burberry

This past weekend was a crimson one, with Kate Winslet, Candace Lake and Gary Pepper Girl sporting our favorite hue.

KateWinslet at The Toronto Film Festival “A Little Chaos”.

This just proves that there is a shade for everyone and which is your current favorite?

Candace Lake – On Matches Fashion

Candice-Lake-1I have such a girl crush on Candace Lake.  I follow her on instagram and Facebook to make sure I receive her latest posts and recently she revamped her fashion blog and ladies, it’s eye candy.  What I love about it is that she sounds like a real person, not just another pretty face.

She recently gave an interview and she’s right, get someone to make you laugh and you have your best face for any photograph. I hope one of these days she gives us an inside peek into her beauty closet, I would love to know which shades of crimson she can’t live without.

candace“I can tell you that a smile always works in a picture.  get someone to make you laugh, it will always be your best face.” – Candace Lake, via

The interview is a fun read that leaves inspiration in it’s wake and the clothes on are fabulous.

For the full interview