Gucci’s Iconic Red lipstick

www.vogue.comSince I saw Charlotte Casiraghi  at the Gucci Summer 2014 I’ve wondered about her glorious shade of crimson.

Today over at Vogue there is an interview with her and she tells us what shade she was wearing and ladies, I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

10653502_818813621483171_7604061223431739349_nRight now, I think it’s only available through, and it’s $39, which for Gucci is reasonable.

For the interview

P.S There is a complete makeup collection available and I heard the packaging and quality was amazing.

Charlotte Casiraghi Glows in Red At Gucci

10653502_818813621483171_7604061223431739349_nCharlotte Casiraghi just glowed at the recent Gucci Summer 2014 Fashion Show.  She made every other woman look dead in comparison.

I thought about posting those pictures, but felt why embarrass everyone else, no need.

This princess proves that a crimson pout is the perfect accessory  to beautiful healthy skin and a little black dress.

Isn’t she lovely?

Red Lipstick *is the power tie of the boardroom – of the world

Charlotte Casiraghi

I love that she’s not afraid of wearing red lipstick, most women are for some reason. 

It’s our power tie of the boardroom – of the world.  However I never looked at it as a power move and I’m sure they didn’t either.

I just grew up admiring women that wore red lipstick and knew that I wanted to be just like them, opinionated, intelligent, strong and beautiful. Not that I am any of those things except for opinionated. I can’t very well call myself beautiful.

Doesn’t she look stunning?