Eliss Faas – Fashion Week, London

Finally a video tutorial on how to apply the universal red by Ellis Faas.

imagesNot only does it work with every skin-tone but it’s a favorite of Miranda Kerr’s and can be purchased at Net-APorter.com.

The video is for you!

Ellis Faas at London Fashion Week from ELLISFAAS on Vimeo.

Miranda Kerr & ELLIS FAAS RED

via Net-a-Porter.com
via Net-a-Porter.com

I love, love Miranda Kerr and once again I’ve fallen in-love with her even more, if that’s humanly possible.

If I met her, I would get the list of all of her favorite shades of our favorite hue and watching the new video on Net-a-Porter we discover that she’s a fan of ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips in ELLIS RED.


Here is the video enjoy!

Oh, and I would kill for one of those leopard sweaters!

Red Lipstick is The Ultimate Classic – The Three Faces of Eve

L103 Bright Red

ELLIS FAAS on her Signature Red Lip

“My signature colour is Ellis Red, so that is the only shade that comes in all three textures. For me, it is the true colour of blood, which is the most vital “human colour”. It has been a beauty ideal for ages (think e.g. Snow White). It was also the most difficult colour to recreate in the lab, because of the complex combination of pigments that give the colour its depth”. – ELLIS FAAS

L202 Dark Blood
L101 Red