My Makeup Routine

photo-1Since the Skin Veil from Ellis Faas landed in my lap I’ve been unable to put it down, why? Because it’s the closest foundation I’ve tried that actually mimics my skin tone.

It’s natural looking in a way that doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.  You may be asking yourself how can this be? It doesn’t look like I have piles of foundation and powder caked on my face, yet my skin is luminous and my imperfections are concealed without artifice.

Ellis Faas mascara is another beauty tool that enhances your natural lashes without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Naturally I’m also in love with MAKE, they make the most amazing Glossing Powder that leaves your skin glowing even  more if that’s possible.

And last but not least I am addicted to my Brow Powder eyebrow pencil by iT Cosmetics, it’s not only natural looking, but it doesn’t come off until you take it off.

Ladies, this was just my canvas, this doesn’t include my skincare regimen or my red lipstick.

What beauty items are you currently using?


Pinks & Reds

photoTwo of my favorite lipstick brands, ELLIS FAAS and NARS.  Why? Because the hues are drop-dead-gorgeous.  I mean really you can’t go wrong.

I alternate all of my lipstick during certain times of the year, sometimes getting stuck with one shade for weeks at a time.

What about you?


I found my Pink on ELLIS FAAS Hill

L408_shop_mainI purged my lipsticks before the new year began and only kept the shades I knew I was going to wear, again-and-again.

I found my Nude shade several months ago and right before the holiday’s ended my current shade of pink appeared, I am obsessed with the idea that I now have a go-to nude and pink, alas red will always be my true-love.



All Hot Lips by ELLIS FAAS are formulated using a revolutionary texture,  meaning the pigment is intense, long-wearing and a little goes a long way.  I love that you can layer the color by applying more once the initial shade dries, the color fades throughout the day and I never have to reapply.

And another plus it looks great with my black & blue mascara.


P.s I have another Hot Lips Pink to try, stay tuned!