Favorite Article Of Clothing – Jigsaw London Cardigans

light_greyI usually don’t post about fashion, however my sister Wendy informed me that I needed to add more elements to my blogs.

Favorite Fashion Icons: Olivia Palermo, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and Kate Moss.  Why? Because their everyday wear is clean, classic and edgy.  They know how to mix high/low end basics with sheer aplomb. 1017862_bk000_alt-1

My favorite store in San Francisco? It’s Jigsaw London, famous for the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge worked in their London Office before marrying Prince William.  But they are loved by San Franciscan’s because of their various amazing knits, we’re talking about cardigan city.

My sisters and I frequent the shop on Fillmore St. after dinner and right before our movie at the Kabuki Theater.

We have over 10 cardigans each, in every color, although I stick to black and various shades of grey.

Lately I’ve been obsessing on whether I should get the grey Cocoon Cardigan, since I’ve been very happy with the black one I bought last month.

The cardigans are affordable and make great basics, you can wear them with your skinny jeans, t-shirts and other favorite items of clothing.








New Blog to Read – Candice Lake, Lady in Red

candice-lake-6I love discovering new blogs to read, especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Why do I love blogs that are fashion oriented, for the inspiration and the inside view of someone’s life outside of my own.

Candice Lake.com does just that, not only do you get to see her stunning photography, but she tells you all about her day, the restaurants and clothes she’s added to her wardrobe or wish list.

If you want to escape into a world of fashion, beauty and charm visit Candicelake.com