The Modern Rules of Wearing Red

Red Lipstick for generations has attracted admirers, it’s a come-hither hue that commands respect and get’s you noticed. Red pouts have been favored by princesses, movie stars, prime ministers and stylish women all around-the-world. The best red lipstick application will always be the Parisian way of wearing your favorite crimson,  with minimal makeup, but theContinue reading “The Modern Rules of Wearing Red”

In Love with iT Cosmetics – New Vitality Lip Flush Butters

iT cosmetics isn’t just home to the world’s best eye brow pencil, but to an array of cosmetics that perform overtime so that you don’t have too. All City Girls know that they can’t wear red all the time, or that no two shades of red are alike; this being the reason we collect them, Continue reading “In Love with iT Cosmetics – New Vitality Lip Flush Butters”

Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Trios by iT Cosmetics

I opened the sleek compact – it was filled with gorgeous wearable color.  iT Cosmetics partners with some of the worlds best plastic surgeons to create makeup that’s infused with anti-aging/age reverse technology – the results are gorgeous!   I love wearing makeup that’s good for your skin.  These Luxe anti-aging eyeshadow trios are waterproof,Continue reading “Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Trios by iT Cosmetics”

Having an eyebrow moment with iTCosmetics.

iT cosmetics created an amazing little wand that instantly transforms eyebrows into gorgeous brows with a unique brow enhancing technology that adjusts to all brow hair colors. My eyebrows were natural and believable looking.  Perfect for those of us with thin or thick eyebrows. Water-Proof and Smudge free eyes in all-weather conditions. Powerful ingredients thatContinue reading “Having an eyebrow moment with iTCosmetics.”

Saying Goodbye to Dark Circles with Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

I love discovering new makeup, especially concealers!  Sometimes due to stress I can’t get a good nights rest, that’s when I wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles. Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer by iT Cosmetics is a miracle, it’s more then just  full coverage, it also helps conceal bruising, and swelling from cosmetic procedures. I’ve beenContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to Dark Circles with Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer”