The Modern Rules of Wearing Red

Red Lipstick for generations has attracted admirers, it’s a come-hither hue that commands respect and get’s you noticed. Red pouts have been favored by princesses, movie stars, prime ministers and stylish women all around-the-world. The best red lipstick application will always be the Parisian way of wearing your favorite crimson,  with minimal makeup, but theContinue reading “The Modern Rules of Wearing Red”


Red Lipstick Tips by Oscar Winning Makeup Artist – Michele Burke

Finding Your Perfect Shade of Crimson After interviewing Oscar Winning Makeup Artist Michele Burke I finally understood the differences with finding the perfect shade of Red – You will either have a warm or cool skin tone – If you’re like me and fall in-between, look at the color of your teeth, do they lookContinue reading “Red Lipstick Tips by Oscar Winning Makeup Artist – Michele Burke”