Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Rules for Parisian Chic

via Flicker.com
via Flicker.com

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Julia’s, a real-girls-girl.  She’s approachable and nice.  Recently she shared her style tips during an interview with Matchesfashion.com and we’re sharing them with you.


‘Keep your palette simple: French women are into neutrals – a lot of beige, grey, navy, black and white.’

‘You won’t see many products in a French
woman’s bathroom – it’s about looking polished
in a very natural way.’

‘Even on the red carpet, French celebrities keep it
minimal. Think of Charlotte Gainsbourg – the look can
be quite undone.’

‘The French like to play the intellectual card; they don’t
like to be over-sexy. The sexiness comes from the way
they walk and hold themselves.’

‘If a French woman wears jeans,
it’s never with flats, always heels.’

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City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Creative Director

via The Selby.com
via The Selby.com

Julia Restoin Roitfeld is a real-girl’s girl, she isn’t just gorgeous but generous with her beauty secrets and insight into the new-found world of motherhood.

Stylish women like Julia realize that lipstick is part of a wardrobe and not complete without a few great shades of red.

The perfect combination is to alternate between a great red lipstick and a nude.

via Google Images
via Google Images

“I love red lipstick, especially as a busy working mom because when you don’t have time for makeup, you can apply red lipstick and feel all done in one minute, I usually wear NY Red by Chanel, or Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor.” – Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Creative Director

Here’s to Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Romy!

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Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Ruby Tuesday

via Google Images
via Google Images

I love the fanfair section in Vanity Fair Magazine and for May 2013 in an interview with none-other than Julia Restoin Roitfeld –  we can count among her favorite beauty products Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor.

“Max Factor Ruby Tuesday, the perfect shade of red” – Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Vanity Fair Magazine, May 2013

I’ve been scouring the world-wide web to no avail to score this pinkish-red lipstick that would look stunning with my light olive skin and pearly whites.

Oh and if you can’t get enough of Julia after reading the article you can visit her at Romy&The Bunnies.com

Here’s to Ruby Tuesday!