Red Lipstick in The Movies – Emma Stone in Gangster Squad

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always wondering what lip shades of glorious crimson women are wearing, especially in the movies. For those of you that have seen Gangster Squad and have been searching for Emma Stone’s signature red, it’s Femme Noir by Julie Hewett. Femme Noir is a pink-based red, reminding meContinue reading “Red Lipstick in The Movies – Emma Stone in Gangster Squad”

Red Lipstick Revival Friday – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett

Now I know why this particular shade is worn-down to the nub. I am obsessed with the shade of orange-red that works beautifully with my light-olive complexion. My teeth look pearly white and I’ve paired it with my Jordanna red lip pencil. All Julie Hewett Lipsticks are a *triple-pigmented matte formula, long-lasting and gentle onContinue reading “Red Lipstick Revival Friday – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett”

August’s Red – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett

Harper’s Bazaar recently came out with a guide for finding the perfect shade of red, according to age and not skin tone, which I found fascinating, because if you’re in your 40’s you should opt for a coral/orange red. Which could explain one of the reasons why I’ve been obsessed with Belle Noir by JulieContinue reading “August’s Red – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett”