New Shampoo with Quinine by Klorane

Do you suffer from thinning lifeless hair? Or is your hair just fine and thin?   Either way there is a solution if you’re anything  like me and are compelled to wash your hair daily.   Klorane created a New Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins that invigorates and helps strengthen the hair while improving natural hair growth.  It’s like SkincareContinue reading “New Shampoo with Quinine by Klorane”

New Soothing Makeup Remover by Klorane

I’m always talking about makeup, the removal of makeup is as important as the application of makeup.  Klorane recently came out with a Cornflower Water Makeup Remover for sensitive skin. I loved the smell of the French-grown cornflower, it was immediately soothing and calming.  I suffer from eye allergies and now that its public knowledge that I’m aContinue reading “New Soothing Makeup Remover by Klorane”