Red Lipstick to Consider – Laura Mercier’s new Paint Wash in Vermillion Red

Being back from my mini-vacation in New York I’m now hooked on reading The New York Magazine, their beauty section is a good one. This led to the discovery of a fool-proof liquid lipstick that will make applying our favorite hue easy-peasy. Vermillion Red looks stunning and there are 10 shades, one for everyone’s preferences.Continue reading “Red Lipstick to Consider – Laura Mercier’s new Paint Wash in Vermillion Red”


Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier

Zoe Saldana is a fan of our favorite hue and loves Hollywood by Laura Mercier: This is something we’re going to have to check out. *Her biggest splurge: “Red lipstick! I’m picky—my lips aren’t that big, but they aren’t thin, either. When I wear red lipstick, I don’t like [anything] that dries or chaps yourContinue reading “Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier”

Keri Russel is a Woman in Red

Not one to shy away from red, Kerri Russell and her makeup artist Tina Turnbow chose a deep crimson pout and doesn’t she look lovely? The color is Laura Mercier’s Truly RED and it looks amazing with her skin tone, so if you’re more on the fair side, why not try this jewel on yourContinue reading “Keri Russel is a Woman in Red”