Red Lipstick Quote – Dita Von Teese

dita-von-teese-04This is an enjoyable article and I highly recommend it.

“I’ve always been fascinated with those women for as long as I can remember. And I think that that had a big impact, and once I was old enough to start playing with makeup myself in high school, it started with the red lipstick. I remember so well that moment where I first put red lipstick on, and it was like, “Whoa, this is a life-altering experience. Why would I not have this splash of color on my face?” – Dita Von Teese,

I think this would be a good book to consult for those tough beauty questions we don’t talk about.

Plus, there is a lipstick brand that never comes off until you literally take it off – check it out ladies.

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Instead of Roses, Give Red Lipstick


Here’s a nifty little article that I’ve enjoyed, mainly because there are lot’s of reds I’ve never tried.  It’s a good guide to finding something new in one swoop.

Have you guys tried any of these?

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Red Lipstick vs. Purple

Charlize-TheronOver at this morning they posted a post about how we should trade in our crimson for purple. I beg to differ.  While red is lovely and various makeup companies have that hue in their collections, I don’t agree.

mainctrexRed is the brightest, prettiest and most sought after color. I also think that Carlize Theron is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing, but doesn’t she look better in red? I know  I do. How about you? For the full story

Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier


Zoe Saldana is a fan of our favorite hue and loves Hollywood by Laura Mercier: This is something we’re going to have to check out.

*Her biggest splurge: “Red lipstick! I’m picky—my lips aren’t that big, but they aren’t thin, either. When I wear red lipstick, I don’t like [anything] that dries or chaps your lips.” – Zoe Saldana via

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Rita Ora’s Magic Lip Sealer – Lipcote


Finding inspiration is endless when you’re surfing the net and visiting all of your favorite blogs.

I just found this via, in their Beauty Essentials with Rita Ora:

“I’m always, always applying [red lipstick]. There’s this thing you can buy, actually, it’s like a see-through [top coat] you put on your lips, which stings for about a second, but it keeps the lipstick on without any smudging.” – Rita Ora, via

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Banning Red Lipstick on The BBC

030913_2338_RedLipisSex6Apparently crimson pouts are considered too Sexy for a BBC Children’s Series….amazing. We all know that red can be toned down and that it’s available in all sorts of new formulations, it can be sweet and ladylike.

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*Teen television hosts of the weekly BBC children’s series Friday Download have been banned from wearing red lipstick because it’s “too sexy.” Nothing ruins impressionable young minds faster than a scarlet woman. [Daily Mail]