Hair Obsessed

HaircareI am obsessed with my hair, I admit it.  If I’m running late it’s because my hair isn’t behaving properly.

This weekend I had a daytime wedding to attend, and styling my hair became a mini occupation, why? Because it was going to be outdoors and I was in need of a trim.

These are the products I used to achieve a style I was comfortable and happy with.

I again used Leonor Greyl products, Oribe and added Redken to the mix.

I know that by using Leonor Grely and Oribe I am guaranteed gorgeous tresses.

What products do you use when having a great hair-day is important?


haircareI’m obsessed with my hair, I’m a Leo after all. A brush I swear by is the Tangle Teezer, it keeps my hair silky smooth and tangle free.

Another item I can’t live without is my Huile de Palm by Leonor Greyl.  I apply it in the evenings and rinse it out the following morning, results are lust-worthy locks.

I also mix in Oribe and Serge Normant for styling my tresses, this is for when I need to make an impression, like a date etc.

I also only use haircare accessories by Alexandre de Paris, my sisters and I are crazy for them.


So, what haircare items are you guys using?

High-Sheen Finishing Spray by Oribe

I waited until I was happy with my haircut before testing out this amazing Soft Lacquer hair Spray by Oribe.

I learned that if my hair is dry, and unhealthy it’s best not to test new styling products until I was happy with the health of my hair.

I was so happy with my hair today, it stayed in place and didn’t look matted down, in other words I didn’t have helmet head syndrome.

Soft Lacquer Hair Spray by Oribe is made with Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil – my hair was nourished and protected with natural luster.  I loved that it also gave me UV protection and that the oil moisturized my cuticles while promoting thick and lustrous soft manageable hair.

Other ingredients such as the Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and a unique Copolymer Blend help renew dry and damaged hair.

My hairstyle held, contributing to a great hair day!

Soft Lacquer Hair Spray by Oribe gets a TEN!


available at Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York