Winter Crimson Pout – Winona Ryder @ the 2015 Sundance Film Festivals

Winona RyderNot only was Winona Ryder sporting crimson at Sundance for the promotion of her new film, ‘Experimenter’ – but she also kept her tresses hydrated and healthy with Leonor Greyl.

_6903668Her skin was glowing, and the red lip gave her just the amount of needed color to keep the dreary winter blues away.

Steps to great hair:

1. Begin by applying Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice to damp hair, rough dry hair on high heat, use fingers to create volume and bring out the natural textures.

2. Once hair is completely dry, lightly mist Voluforme for volume and hold onto random sections of the hair and wrap sections of hair alternating between a large and medium curling iron around the head to create different size wave patterns.

3. Then apply a dime sized amount of Serum de Soie Sublimateur into  palms, rub them together, and flip head over using  fingers to loosen  waves.

4. Flip  head back to create side part.

To finish the look, lightly mist Laque Souple for hold and longevity.”

Now, she’s a gal after my own heart.

Hair Obsessed

HaircareI am obsessed with my hair, I admit it.  If I’m running late it’s because my hair isn’t behaving properly.

This weekend I had a daytime wedding to attend, and styling my hair became a mini occupation, why? Because it was going to be outdoors and I was in need of a trim.

These are the products I used to achieve a style I was comfortable and happy with.

I again used Leonor Greyl products, Oribe and added Redken to the mix.

I know that by using Leonor Grely and Oribe I am guaranteed gorgeous tresses.

What products do you use when having a great hair-day is important?

Keeping It Simple – Weekend Beauty Routine

photoI don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep it simple on the weekends.  Unless of course I have a date I’m nervous about.  Nervous because there are some men that just make a woman nervous, if you know what I mean.

Since I wear makeup 5 days a week and blow-dry my hair, it makes sense that I’m just lazy come Saturday morning, especially if it’s a beautiful day.

I wear no makeup, except for my eyebrows and maybe a CC or BB Cream, but highly unlikely.

This past weekend, was no exception and my beauty routine was easy-peasy.

1. Eye Cream – don’t forget to use one with anti-aging benefits, by Orlane.

2. Facial Oil with antioxidant protection and hydration, by Sunday Riley.

3. Lip Balm – this one is the best by Homeoplasmine.

4. Eyelash enhancer by Talika Lipocils.

5. Rodan Lip Balm for a bit of color.

6. Eyebrow Pencil by “IT” Cosmetics, the best I’ve ever tried.

7. Serum De Soie by Leonor Greyl – I let my hair air-dry and this keeps it silky smooth and frizz free all day.

There you have it, mind you I didn’t take any pictures of myself.  Not that I didn’t look nice, it’s just not the version of myself I want caught on film.

So, what’s your weekend beauty routine like?




haircareI’m obsessed with my hair, I’m a Leo after all. A brush I swear by is the Tangle Teezer, it keeps my hair silky smooth and tangle free.

Another item I can’t live without is my Huile de Palm by Leonor Greyl.  I apply it in the evenings and rinse it out the following morning, results are lust-worthy locks.

I also mix in Oribe and Serge Normant for styling my tresses, this is for when I need to make an impression, like a date etc.

I also only use haircare accessories by Alexandre de Paris, my sisters and I are crazy for them.


So, what haircare items are you guys using?

Model recommended Haircare – Leonor Greyl

leonorgreylI first heard of Leonor Greyl reading the European fashion magazines and on blogs like  Everyone was raving about it, especially the models that sat in chairs for hours before a fashion shoot or show.

Their claim was that it was the only brand that saved their precious locks during color changes, wigs, hair tools etc.

Well, I’ve become a fan and know exactly what they are talking about, it really is the best natural haircare collection available.

Creme Moelle de Bambou is one of the few shampoos I use that doesn’t require the use of a hair conditioner afterwards, My tresses are left silky smooth, soft and flyaways are more manageable.

I recommend that you invest in a quality shampoo and like fashion you can mix high and low brands, you just have to know your stuff.

I love the Masque Quintessence because it’s one of the few masks that can be applied on dry hair, this works best for me because I hate waiting in the shower for a mask to perform.

Another favorite item that really does tame flyaways is their Serum De Soie, your locks will be smooth, sleek and natural looking.

So, what haircare products do you use?





Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu – Cannes 2013

Lea-Seydoux-et-Tahar-Rahim-un-duo-inseparable-et-elegant_portrait_w858Léa Seydoux is one of my favorite French Actor’s, she’s just innately chic and always looks amazing.

A secret is the use of French organic skincare like Votre Vu and Leonor Greyl haircare products.

Celebrity makeup artist Saraï Fiszel created a bold femme fetal look, giving  Léa a glamorous skin and makeup application that worked beautifully with her Louis Vuitton gown (Dress details@Vogue.Fr) and Jimmy Choo’s.


*It was raining really hard the night of the premiere, so Saraï wanted to make sure  Léa’s makeup would withstand the weather and look fresh and dewy all night. Starting with the base, Saraï first applied a layer of Votre Vu’s Love Me Deux in Paris and then lightly powdered her face with a YSL pressed powder.  The trick is to then apply another layer of the tinted moisturizer on top of the powder wherever needed to make sure that it stays on really well and doesn’t look cakey.

Then, Saraï took Votre Vu’s Beauté en Bronze and applied it all over the face with a thick brush that wasn’t too dense.  “The brush makes all the difference when applying bronzer to the face because you want it to apply evenly and without patches.”  After dusting the bronzer all over, Saraï then went back with a denser brush to contour the face and create a nicer angle.

For Léa’s eyes, because she has such gorgeous eyes with dark pupils, less is more for a fresher look.  Saraï started by applying just a few individual lashes to the outer corners and then applying Votre Vu’s Eiffel Power mascara.  To create thicker looking lashes, Saraï took the mascara brush and wiped off some of the product with a tissue.  She then meticulously applied the mascara making sure to coat each lash and then went back and layered the mascara several times, each time using the same method.

TIP: Use a lip balm on the eyelids and cheekbones for a fresh, dewy look.  “There’s something sexy about a little glossy eyelid and on the cheekbones to make it look like you don’t have any makeup on,” says Saraï.  Recreate this effect with Votre Vu’s bébé Duette lip balm!

To finish off the femme fatale look, Saraï created a deep red lip using Votre Vu’s French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick in Margaux (available soon).

For her brows, Saraï took Votre Vu’s Arch de Triumphe in Warm and applied it with the Votre Vu Brow Brush & Shaper first to her hand to ensure that it didn’t apply too heavily and then filled in her brows lightly to look natural and not too defined.

Here’s to Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu!