Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin & Hair by John Masters Organics


Courtesy of John Masters Organics

John Masters is a visionary ahead of his time, he created one of the first organic luxury haircare lines 20 years ago.  Realizing a need in the beauty industry for organic products he began mixing essential oils and herbs at his kitchen sink.  John Masters Organics has also received countless beauty awards – the most recent being the Best of Green – which he’s won two years in a row!

I don’t know about you, but I hate blow drying  my hair everyday.  My secret weapon for soft, shiny and luxurious hair? John Masters Organics Lavender hydrating mist for skin & hair.  I spray it liberally on my damp hair and the results are gorgeous, shiny happy hair.  The sea salt helps create texture and volume – while the lavender soothes and relaxes.  Plus the soft waves without the frizz are pretty too!

There are over 30 products to choose from, now you can have certified organic products for your skin, hair and home with John Masters Organics.

Lavender hydrating mist for skin & hair by John Masters Organics gets a TEN!


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Clean, Clear & healthy skin w/ john masters organics

Courtesy of John Masters Organics
I’m addicted to foaming facial cleansers.  I still experience adult acne, especially during that time of the month.  I mask and use facial scrubs on a daily basis but still can’t control acne breakouts.
Recently I’ve had fewer breakouts, I now enjoy clear and healthy skin for months at a time.  One of the best facial cleansers I’ve discovered is bearberry oily skin balancing face wash by john masters organics. 
I love the clean and healthy smell, love the foaming lather that leaves behind clean and radiant skin. 
*bearberry oily skin balancing facial wash has 20 oil fighting extracts and citrus oils that create a powerful astringent that fight excess oil production*.  Pore size is visibly reduced and your skin is aided in the exfoliation of dead surface cells.
I enjoy having clearer, healthier skin for long periods of time – isn’t time you had clearer healthier skin?
bearberry oily skin balancing facial wash by john masters organics gets a TEN!
available at Whole Foods