Red Lipstick – Très Chic

French women for the most part are chic, they seem to posses an innate chic gene that inspires the rest of us.  Recently I stumbled upon a new fashion blog “Keep it Chic” and instantly fell in love, especially with the post by Jennifer Alfano “What French Women Get Right.”

I admire stylish women, especially those that are not afraid of red lipstick. What did Jennifer notice about their makeup?  That either they wore red lipstick and mascara or a kohl-rimmed eye with bare lips.  She did not see a pink or nude lip….I personally can’t wear a nude lip if my life depended on it and I can only wear certain pink (I only have one and it’s by Chanel).

For years I’ve worn various shades of Reds and loaded up on mascara, keeping it clean. I’m thrilled to know that’s what the chicest women in the world wear.

Now if only I can bring myself to wear my navy eyeliner by Nars without my signature red lip….

Here’s to Red!


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