Red Lipstick to Consider: Dior Rouge Lipstick 999

Going through my digital magazines I came across a page titled: The best I’ve ever had and there’s a quote from Natalie Portman letting us in on her favorite beauty staple. It’s Dior’s Rouge Lipstick 999,  she say’s – “it’s the perfect red,it makes me feel like a different woman when I wear it.” SoContinue reading “Red Lipstick to Consider: Dior Rouge Lipstick 999”


How to Choose Your Perfect Shade of Crimson

Surfing the world wide web today I landed on Elle Uk, I’m not as crazy about their format, liked their older version better.  Why? Because it looked more like a magazine layout. However they have a cute emoji guide that someone created to help us determine which shades of crimson we should be buying, likeContinue reading “How to Choose Your Perfect Shade of Crimson”

Elle UK August Beauty Shoot – MariaCarla Boscano

I love Mariacarla Boscano, why? Not only because she favors a crimson pout, but because she takes care of her skin.  She travels with 6 cases of skincare, she’s definitely  a girl after my own heart. I just wish I knew what her favorite beauty products were. Today on Elle UK they are featuring aContinue reading “Elle UK August Beauty Shoot – MariaCarla Boscano”

Which of These Three Shades of Red is Your Favorite?

Elle UK today posted a Red Lipstick Vs. Pink Lipstick post and although all of the shades are gorgeous, I’m still going with red. Seen here is a gorgeous shade by Dolce & Gabbana in Ruby. To our right we have Lady Danger by Mac. Below we see Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor. I’m favoringContinue reading “Which of These Three Shades of Red is Your Favorite?”

Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge

I’m a huge fan of Elle UK’s beauty section, checking it daily for new information and one of my favorite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge(Elle’s resident makeup artist) created a Red Lipstick tutorial that will help you apply our favorite shade of lipstick like a professional. *”I adore red lips and believe everyone can look fabulousContinue reading “Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge”