City Girl in Red Lipstick, San Francisco, Abby Villaruel, Aesthetic RN Specialist


Abby caught my eye immediately, it was her gorgeous makeup application and shade of crimson. I asked her what she was wearing and I wasn’t surprised by her answer, it’s the same answer I’ve heard whenever I admire another woman’s shade of crimson.

” Mac Ruby Woo”

I asked Abby a few more questions:

Q: Why do you wear red lipstick? 

A: There’s something magical about red lipstick. When I’m having a bad hair day, when my makeup doesn’t seem right or when I’m feeling tired in general. The moment, that red stick touches my lips, I feel glamorous right away. My Red Lipstick Saves the day! 👄💄
Q: How does it make you feel?
A: It makes me feel bright and beautiful and it turns my dullest days into my most glamorous days.
Q: How old were you when you started wearing crimson?

A: I started wearing red lipstick in my late twenties. I feel stunning, stylish and successful every time I wear it.

Well ladies, if we arn’t wearing crimson yet, this is as good as any reason to start.

Abby is one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!

New Reds to Consider by Isabel & Ruben Toledo for MAC


The colors look pretty, I may just pop into my neighborhood Mac boutique to check out Tenor Red and Opera Red, Tenor Red is a true red and it’s matte.

Opera Red is described as being a dark red and might be a bit glossy.

There are other shades, let me know if you see them first.

Lady Danger & Lena Dunham

LenaI’ve had a long two weeks, first it started with two book lectures.  Anita Hill and Lena Dunham.  Let’s say I walked away impressed with both women.  I also managed to read Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham and loved it.

I’m a huge admirer of good literature, although I can’t say this will become a classic, it’s definitely a good read.


I also finally walked into my neighborhood Mac and bought Lady Danger.  I can honestly say that I loved the color, but the texture didn’t like me.  I found it too drying and not long-lasting to say the least.  It completely came off during my morning cup of green tea and I drink everything out of a straw.


I finally took it back yesterday and vowed to never buy Mac again, I knew there was a reason why I stayed away from it.

Well, are any of you any baseball fans? Believe it or not, I’m a huge Giants fan,and I am enjoying the World Series, it’s highly stressful, because anything can happen and it’s not over yet.

So, what have you guys been up to?

And The Bride Wore Ruby Woo by Mac

10600424_10203519248960606_7584371233849426068_nKim started off by being my sister Rosemary’s friend and Rosemary loved her so much she introduced her to the family and now she’s a family friend for life.

Kim and her daughter Mia come over to our place every holiday and make Christmas cookies with us. Kim taught me how to make Russian Tea Cakes and really good sugar cookies., thank you Kim!

She was married this weekend to a great guy(Chris) and we are so happy for her, thank you Kim for having invited us to your amazing wedding!

She’s a girl after my own heart and chose to wear Ruby Woo by Mac and doesn’t she look lovely?

Watch Out For Cosmetic Testers


In recent beauty news Mac is being sued because a woman contracted Herpes Complex 1 after trying a lipstick tester at one of the Mac Boutiques in New York.

Ladies, before trying anything on your skin it is very important that you make sure the sales person is wiping off the cosmetic with alcohol.

It is equally important that if you suffer from any skin issues that could transmit to other people that you stay away from using testers or trying on articles of clothing that might infect others.

Staying healthy is a two-way street.

For more

Here’s to Healthy Skin!

Which of These Three Shades of Red is Your Favorite?

via Elle UK
via Elle UK

Elle UK today posted a Red Lipstick Vs. Pink Lipstick post and although all of the shades are gorgeous, I’m still going with red.

Seen here is a gorgeous shade by Dolce & Gabbana in Ruby.

To our right we have Lady Danger by Mac.

via Elle UK
via Elle UK

Below we see Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor.

I’m favoring Ruby by Dolce & Gabbana, which is your favorite shade of crimson?

To see which pink shades made the list

via Elle UK
via Elle UK

Alexa Chung’s Favorite Reds

Three things I always want to know, what literature people are reading, beauty products women use – and their favorite shade of Red Lipstick.

One of my favorite fashion icons, Alexa Chung shared with Life Style Mirror two of her favorite shades of Red.

Russian Red by Mac – a pretty red, I wore this shade while in my twenties and Coronmandel by Chanel, this too used to be in my rotations. What have I learned, that I am on the right path and these two shades are worth revisiting.

Russian Red is a true red and Coronmandel is an orange red, both gorgeous.

Here’s to Red Lipstick!

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