Violet Grey’s 9-Step Red Lipstick Tutorial

You guys know me, I love anything to do with Red lipstick, especially a twist in it’s application.  Leave it to the beauty team at Violet Grey to give us a spin in their 9-Step Red Lip Tutorial. Thank you Violet Grey for being creative and original! P.s I’m tired of people reading myContinue reading “Violet Grey’s 9-Step Red Lipstick Tutorial”


Red Lips by Peony Lim

I Love finding new fashion inspired blogs, especially when the blog involves Red Lipstick.  I recently came across Peony Lim’s blog and her adorable video tutorial at Kay For more about peony Lim Here’s to Peony and Red lipstick!

Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge

I’m a huge fan of Elle UK’s beauty section, checking it daily for new information and one of my favorite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge(Elle’s resident makeup artist) created a Red Lipstick tutorial that will help you apply our favorite shade of lipstick like a professional. *”I adore red lips and believe everyone can look fabulousContinue reading “Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge”