Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu

Madonna-MDNA-tour-0512-7-LIVING_1-to-EXTRA_LARGE_WIDEThere are several facts about Madonna, she’s talented, knows how to put on a show and her makeup always looks flawless, not to mention her skin is always glowing.  She’s always one step ahead of the pack and chose celebrity  makeup artist Sammy Mourabit for her MDNA tour. Sammy Mourabit toured with Madonna and in this makeup tutorial he shows us how to recreate her tour looks using Votre Vu skincare and makeup.

Here’s to Healthy Glowing Skin!

Madonna’s Red – Aqua Rouge #8 by Make Up Forever

Madonna's RED

Scouring the web for New Red Lipstick I haven’t heard of is thrilling, recently I found the shade of red Madonna wore during her MDNA world tour.

Make Up Forever is known for their deep, rich and gorgeous colors, Aqua Rouge #8 is no exception and it’s the next shade of Crimson I’m shopping for, are you?

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