The Perfect Nude – Naked by Votre Vu

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect lip liner for your chosen shade of crimson, it’s either a matching shade or a nude. I have various of each, but for one reason or another they don’t end up working the way I want. I recently went out and bought a new red from Nars, CarmenContinue reading “The Perfect Nude – Naked by Votre Vu”

French Kiss in Tatiana By Votre Vu

Once again celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow teamed up with Kerri Russel for a red carpet appearance in San Francisco last evening, for The Planet of The Apes movie premier. She used a combination of Juara Skincare and Votre Vu cosmetics. I’m loving Kerri’s classic beauty and that shade of crimson. Tina applied French KissContinue reading “French Kiss in Tatiana By Votre Vu”

Blushing Pretty – Votre Vu

This is a gorgeous blush/bronzing palette that highlights and illuminates our best features, without adding an extra layer of makeup to our skin. The pigment is strong and sheer at the same time, giving the skin a healthy dose of glow. Oh and did we mention it’s organic. Need help applying your blush/bronzer? Here’s anContinue reading “Blushing Pretty – Votre Vu”

Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu

There are several facts about Madonna, she’s talented, knows how to put on a show and her makeup always looks flawless, not to mention her skin is always glowing.  She’s always one step ahead of the pack and chose celebrity  makeup artist Sammy Mourabit for her MDNA tour. Sammy Mourabit toured with Madonna and in thisContinue reading “Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu”

Channeling Marlene Deitrich For the MDNA Tour Documentary premiere

I’ve always admired Madonna, watched Truth-or-Dare at least a dozen times, and it’s sitting in my video collection. (I guess you have an idea as to how old I am?) Recently for the material girls  MDNA Tour Documentary premiere her makeup artist Sammy H. Mourabit channeled Marlene Deitrich using organic skincare Votre Vu. Madonna alwaysContinue reading “Channeling Marlene Deitrich For the MDNA Tour Documentary premiere”

Amy Adams, Red Lipstick & The Man of Steel Premiere

In this day and age it’s important to stay healthy and that includes incorporating a more organic lifestyle. Hollywood is quick to catch on and use organic makeup that leaves your favorite stars looking gorgeous. In case you were wondering which shade Amy Adams wore to the Man of Steel Premiere, it was Annette byContinue reading “Amy Adams, Red Lipstick & The Man of Steel Premiere”

Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu – Cannes 2013

Léa Seydoux is one of my favorite French Actor’s, she’s just innately chic and always looks amazing. A secret is the use of French organic skincare like Votre Vu and Leonor Greyl haircare products. Celebrity makeup artist Saraï Fiszel created a bold femme fetal look, giving  Léa a glamorous skin and makeup application that workedContinue reading “Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu – Cannes 2013”

Valentines Day Giveaway: Champagne Kisses by Votre Vu

Valentines day is right around the corner, is your pout ready? Leave it to the French to create an amazing lip product that naturally enhances your lips and gets them ready for love. Champagne Kisses by Votre Vu is an enhancing lip balm that moistens and nourishes your lips with a blend of sweet almond oil,Continue reading “Valentines Day Giveaway: Champagne Kisses by Votre Vu”