The Perfect Nude – Naked by Votre Vu

admin-ajax.phpSometimes it’s hard to find the perfect lip liner for your chosen shade of crimson, it’s either a matching shade or a nude.

I have various of each, but for one reason or another they don’t end up working the way I want.

I recently went out and bought a new red from Nars, Carmen to be exact.

My friend Dalia tried to steer me away from that color and now after wearing it a few days I realize that she was right.  The formula has a lot of black in it, wearing it with another red lip liner doesn’t help.

How did I salvage my new crimson hue?  I used Votre Vu’s  Dramatic Lip Liner in Naked as my lip liner and ladies I couldn’t be happier. The nude cut into the black and now my lips take on the hue I fell in love with.

My advice, if you’re looking for the perfect nude lip liner that literally works with everything you’re going to want to try this.  A plus is that it’s organic, so it’s good for you too.  I also love the packaging and that there are refills available.


French Kiss in Tatiana By Votre Vu

image001Once again celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow teamed up with Kerri Russel for a red carpet appearance in San Francisco last evening, for The Planet of The Apes movie premier.


She used a combination of Juara Skincare and Votre Vu cosmetics.

I’m loving Kerri’s classic beauty and that shade of crimson.

Tina applied French Kiss in Tatiana  by Votre Vu and doesn’t it look lovely?


Blushing Pretty – Votre Vu

1150-00-product-detail-view0This is a gorgeous blush/bronzing palette that highlights and illuminates our best features, without adding an extra layer of makeup to our skin.

The pigment is strong and sheer at the same time, giving the skin a healthy dose of glow. Oh and did we mention it’s organic.

Need help applying your blush/bronzer? Here’s an easy makeup tutorial to achieve that certain je ne sais quoi.

Here’s to happy blushing!


Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu

Madonna-MDNA-tour-0512-7-LIVING_1-to-EXTRA_LARGE_WIDEThere are several facts about Madonna, she’s talented, knows how to put on a show and her makeup always looks flawless, not to mention her skin is always glowing.  She’s always one step ahead of the pack and chose celebrity  makeup artist Sammy Mourabit for her MDNA tour. Sammy Mourabit toured with Madonna and in this makeup tutorial he shows us how to recreate her tour looks using Votre Vu skincare and makeup.

Here’s to Healthy Glowing Skin!

Channeling Marlene Deitrich For the MDNA Tour Documentary premiere

Courtesy of Votre Vu
Courtesy of Votre Vu

I’ve always admired Madonna, watched Truth-or-Dare at least a dozen times, and it’s sitting in my video collection. (I guess you have an idea as to how old I am?)

Recently for the material girls  MDNA Tour Documentary premiere her makeup artist Sammy H. Mourabit channeled Marlene Deitrich using organic skincare Votre Vu.

Madonna always looks flawless and she knows a great red when she see’s one.

To achieve her signature red lip Sammy applied to different hues in Margaux and  Annette,  he applied Margaux to the outer lines of the lip and  Annette – the lighter tone, to the inner lip.  Giving Madge a dimensional sophisticated look.

Lipsticks are scheduled to debut soon, in the meantime visit

Amy Adams, Red Lipstick & The Man of Steel Premiere

Amy AdamsIn this day and age it’s important to stay healthy and that includes incorporating a more organic lifestyle. Hollywood is quick to catch on and use organic makeup that leaves your favorite stars looking gorgeous.

Courtesy of Votre Vu
Courtesy of Votre Vu

In case you were wondering which shade Amy Adams wore to the Man of Steel Premiere, it was Annette by Votre Vu.

A pink-red that was soft and glamorous.

Annette will be available soon, stay tuned.

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Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu – Cannes 2013

Lea-Seydoux-et-Tahar-Rahim-un-duo-inseparable-et-elegant_portrait_w858Léa Seydoux is one of my favorite French Actor’s, she’s just innately chic and always looks amazing.

A secret is the use of French organic skincare like Votre Vu and Leonor Greyl haircare products.

Celebrity makeup artist Saraï Fiszel created a bold femme fetal look, giving  Léa a glamorous skin and makeup application that worked beautifully with her Louis Vuitton gown (Dress details@Vogue.Fr) and Jimmy Choo’s.


*It was raining really hard the night of the premiere, so Saraï wanted to make sure  Léa’s makeup would withstand the weather and look fresh and dewy all night. Starting with the base, Saraï first applied a layer of Votre Vu’s Love Me Deux in Paris and then lightly powdered her face with a YSL pressed powder.  The trick is to then apply another layer of the tinted moisturizer on top of the powder wherever needed to make sure that it stays on really well and doesn’t look cakey.

Then, Saraï took Votre Vu’s Beauté en Bronze and applied it all over the face with a thick brush that wasn’t too dense.  “The brush makes all the difference when applying bronzer to the face because you want it to apply evenly and without patches.”  After dusting the bronzer all over, Saraï then went back with a denser brush to contour the face and create a nicer angle.

For Léa’s eyes, because she has such gorgeous eyes with dark pupils, less is more for a fresher look.  Saraï started by applying just a few individual lashes to the outer corners and then applying Votre Vu’s Eiffel Power mascara.  To create thicker looking lashes, Saraï took the mascara brush and wiped off some of the product with a tissue.  She then meticulously applied the mascara making sure to coat each lash and then went back and layered the mascara several times, each time using the same method.

TIP: Use a lip balm on the eyelids and cheekbones for a fresh, dewy look.  “There’s something sexy about a little glossy eyelid and on the cheekbones to make it look like you don’t have any makeup on,” says Saraï.  Recreate this effect with Votre Vu’s bébé Duette lip balm!

To finish off the femme fatale look, Saraï created a deep red lip using Votre Vu’s French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick in Margaux (available soon).

For her brows, Saraï took Votre Vu’s Arch de Triumphe in Warm and applied it with the Votre Vu Brow Brush & Shaper first to her hand to ensure that it didn’t apply too heavily and then filled in her brows lightly to look natural and not too defined.

Here’s to Léa Seydoux & Votre Vu!

Valentines Day Giveaway: Champagne Kisses by Votre Vu

Courtesy of Votre Vu
Valentines day is right around the corner, is your pout ready? Leave it to the French to create an amazing lip product that naturally enhances your lips and gets them ready for love.

Champagne Kisses by Votre Vu is an enhancing lip balm that moistens and nourishes your lips with a blend of sweet almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter.
My lips stayed hydrated all day and my lipstick application was flawless, no feathering or creasing.  I loved the lip plumping effects that left my lips utterly kissable.

Votre Vu –  beauty products deliver superior hydration, moisture and radiance, it’s no wonder they were a favorite at Sundance.

Perfect your Pout avec Votre Vu:

Step 1) Make your lips an object of Desire with Champagne Kisses
Step 2) Mark your Target: My adored, My tres secret crush etc
Step 3) Sketch out a smooching scenario: Atop of the Eiffel Tower, behind my neck etc….
Step 4) Mix & Match: Counter Kiss – Alter the tempo or duration of the Kiss etc….

Tell us what your favorite Lip smooching step is to enter to win a Champagne Kisses,  just in time for Valentines day!  Two winners will be selected at random. Contest starts February 4nd thru February 8th.  Happy Kissing! P.S Don’t be afraid to be colorful! Comment here.