Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu

There are several facts about Madonna, she’s talented, knows how to put on a show and her makeup always looks flawless, not to mention her skin is always glowing.  She’s always one step ahead of the pack and chose celebrity  makeup artist Sammy Mourabit for her MDNA tour. Sammy Mourabit toured with Madonna and in thisContinue reading “Madonna’s MDNA Tour Makeup Tutorial with Votre Vu”

Channeling Marlene Deitrich For the MDNA Tour Documentary premiere

I’ve always admired Madonna, watched Truth-or-Dare at least a dozen times, and it’s sitting in my video collection. (I guess you have an idea as to how old I am?) Recently for the material girls  MDNA Tour Documentary premiere her makeup artist Sammy H. Mourabit channeled Marlene Deitrich using organic skincare Votre Vu. Madonna alwaysContinue reading “Channeling Marlene Deitrich For the MDNA Tour Documentary premiere”