Pretty In Pink – YSL Beaute Kiss & Blush

product-1I know, I know it’s pink, but isn’t it pretty? I saw this and fell head over heals over the color.

Now that I’ve seen it, I’m going to have to visit the YSL counter and investigate the rest of the shades.

Especially if I can wear it as a lip product. This shade would look pretty on my cheeks though.


Violet Grey’s 9-Step Red Lipstick Tutorial

via Violet
via Violet

You guys know me, I love anything to do with Red lipstick, especially a twist in it’s application.  Leave it to the beauty team at Violet Grey to give us a spin in their 9-Step Red Lip Tutorial.

Thank you Violet Grey for being creative and original!

P.s I’m tired of people reading my Rules to Wearing Red piece and not citing back to