Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie

Color clings better to a smooth surface, exfoliate lips once a week. Lip liner should never, ever be visible. A base layer of waxy balm can keep gloss from going MIA. Your lipstick should coordinate with your skin color, not your outfit. The most natural-looking lipstick is close to your own lip color, just glossierContinue reading “Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie”

Red Lipstick Quote’s – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty

 Red Lipstick? “It’s a classic look, when done properly it’s beautiful.  If you go bold with red, please be light-handed with the eyes.  I find a red lip looks best paired with clean, flawless skin, and just a slight touch of blush, to bring back the dimension. Add perfectly defined brows, a minimal and well blendedContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quote’s – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty”

City Girl in Red Lipstick – Liv Tyler

For the premier of The Hobbit gorgeous Liv Tyler wore one of my favorite shades of Crimson: Rio Rio by Topshop. Rio Rio is a gorgeous Satin Matte lipstick that leaves your lips hydrated and nourished throughout the day, so that you don’t have to reapply after morning coffee.  $16 @Topshop.com Here’s to Liv Tyler andContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick – Liv Tyler”

Red Lipstick Quote’s – Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk on Red Lipstick… Red Lipstick? “Red lipstick serves as a good example of how application can help you achieve multiple looks.  Classic red lipstick is a secret weapon that every woman should have in her makeup bag. The color and tone will brighten the face and completely transform your look. That shock ofContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quote’s – Sonia Kashuk”

City Girl in Red Lipstick – Alexa Chung

Another favorite fashion icon is Alexa Chung, she understands fashion, making the classics and traditional pieces look edgy and modern.  Here she is wearing a classic Red Lip and looking as stunning as always. Here’s to Alexa Chung and Red Lipstick! For Alexa Chung’s Red Lipstick Trick @BellaSugar.com

Kate’s Red – Rimmel London

I always want what she’s having – the ever so stylish Kate Moss created an amazing shade of red that works with most skin tones – don’t forget to match the gorgeous shades of crimson to your teeth- some reds can make your pearly whites look yellow,  making them the wrong shade. Opening the tubeContinue reading “Kate’s Red – Rimmel London”