Parisian Beauty is Pared-Back Makeup & Red Lipstick

I love Net-a-Porter’s Magazine The Edit: read below an excert dedicated to French Beauty. Pared-Back Makeup: “Understatement sits at the very core of French style – the only exception being red lipstick. Foundations and concealers are used, but applied with discipline. “The Parisienne look has a very natural finish,” says the brains behind Yves SaintContinue reading “Parisian Beauty is Pared-Back Makeup & Red Lipstick”

City Girl In Red Lipstick, Paris – Anne Mullier of Ritournelle

Ritournelle is one of my favorite blogs, it’s fresh, and utterly chic.  I love reading about Anne Mullier’s discoveries and excursions in the world of fashion, beauty and everything in-between. Red Lipstick: “I started wearing red lipstick while interning at L’Oréal; I shared my office with a makeup artist and naturally I asked him forContinue reading “City Girl In Red Lipstick, Paris – Anne Mullier of Ritournelle”

April Issue Of Elle UK – Rihanna, Sneak Peak

Rihanna looks gorgeous in any shade of crimson, showing us that darker skin can wear orange based reds as well as pink based shades.  Here we see her sporting a new pixie cut, and a perfect red lip. This is another magazine I can’t wait to read.  For more

Zosia Mamet Of Girls & Red Lipstick

Another favorite show that my sisters and I watch every Sunday night is “Girls”. It’s crazy, funny and realistic. Zosia Mamet who plays Shoshanna recently began sporting a red pout and went from brunette to blonde. Showing us that Red looks amazing on everyone! For More

City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Leah McCloskey, Artist

One of my favorite blogs of all-time is and when I saw the post on New York Artist, Leah McCloskey I knew I had to ask her about Red Lipstick. Red Lipstick? ” I lived in Paris in the 80’s and was told by a french woman that if I looked tired or had aContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Leah McCloskey, Artist”

Grammy Awards 2013: The Best in Lip

Why is it that the women who sported a red lip looked the best? Because nothing perks up the complexion like a great shade of crimson. An orange based red works beautifully on darker and olive skin tones as shown on Rhianna. Beyonce  looks equally as stunning.  Mind you ladies, I don’t so much asContinue reading “Grammy Awards 2013: The Best in Lip”

City Girl in Red Lipstick – Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey

I’m not only a huge fan of Red but of Downton Abbey too.  My favorite scenes besides the view of the castle are those with Michelle Dockery & Matthew Crawley. Here’s Michelle posing for one of many fashion magazines and I wish I knew which shade of red lipstick she was wearing…. Here’s to MichelleContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick – Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey”

Scarlett Fever is Drop Dead Gorgeous at Senna Cosmetics

Drop Dead Red is the description for Scarlett Fever, a gorgeous rich red with superior moisture and long-wearing properties. This shade is more like a cranberry or burgundy that works beautifully on all skin tones, just make sure to check your pearly whites. Senna Cosmetics is a favorite of mine, recently I’ve been carrying aroundContinue reading “Scarlett Fever is Drop Dead Gorgeous at Senna Cosmetics”

City Girl in Red lipstick, London – Peony Lim

Peony Lim was first discovered outside of class, and since has been photographed for various fashion magazines, in the states and abroad. She’s not only known for her effortless style, but for her red lipstick, combined this makes her an inspiration for women everywhere in search of that certain je ne sais quoi. Red Lipstick:Continue reading “City Girl in Red lipstick, London – Peony Lim”