Keeping It Simple – Weekend Beauty Routine

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep it simple on the weekends.  Unless of course I have a date I’m nervous about.  Nervous because there are some men that just make a woman nervous, if you know what I mean. Since I wear makeup 5 days a week and blow-dry myContinue reading “Keeping It Simple – Weekend Beauty Routine”

Sunday’s Red by Sunday Riley

Sunday by Sunday Riley is a bright coral-orange red that can be worn sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. It’s considered a bright red with warm undertones….and works with a variety of complexions. The pigment is rich and moisturizing, lasting through out the day, even after my morning smoothie and afternoon green juice.Continue reading “Sunday’s Red by Sunday Riley”

Red Lipstick Quotes – Sunday Riley

A skincare collection that should be included in any skincare regimen is Sunday Riley, after 5 days of continuous use, you will be carded, trust me. An article that I stumbled upon during my internet searches, was an interview with Sunday herself and here is what she had to say about Red lipstick. “I alwaysContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quotes – Sunday Riley”

I Wish I Wore Pink Lip Gloss

Pink seems to be the trend this Spring/Summer and I do wish I wore Pink Lip Gloss. I’m really girly at heart and gravitate towards  pink glosses and I  just stare at them  wistfully, longingly. If you wear pink and lip glosses in all shades we found three gorgeous pinks that work for a varietyContinue reading “I Wish I Wore Pink Lip Gloss”

December’s Red – Ruby Bite by Sunday Riley

The Holidays are fast approaching and looking for that one shade of crimson may seem impossible, but let’s not despair, there is Ruby-Bite by Sunday Riley. Ruby-Bite is a true ruby with hints of pink undertones, it’s long-wearing and long-lasting, even after several kisses under the mistletoe. The perfect Modern Lip for cherished moments. $32Continue reading “December’s Red – Ruby Bite by Sunday Riley”