Pretty In Pink – YSL Beaute Kiss & Blush

product-1I know, I know it’s pink, but isn’t it pretty? I saw this and fell head over heals over the color.

Now that I’ve seen it, I’m going to have to visit the YSL counter and investigate the rest of the shades.

Especially if I can wear it as a lip product. This shade would look pretty on my cheeks though.


The Chyc Cabas by YSL

yves-saint-laurent-cabas-chyc-bagI know this handbag came out in 2011, but I just noticed it on the world-wide web and I am in love.

I’m a huge YSL Handbag fan, it’s the only handbag brand acceptable to buy on sale, why? Because YSL never goes out of style, it’s endlessly chic.

My style used to be Pacific Heights Boho, but after purchasing my first YSL Muse my wardrobe became a more urban mix, now I wear my tunics etc on hot summer days or tropical vacations.


The great news is that the Chyc Cabas is still available on Ebay and possibly the YSL Outlet.

What do you guys think?