An Indulgent Experience, the Shave you’ve been Craving

I’m going to be honest, I hate shaving my legs!  The experience is grueling and sometimes painful.  Recently I had the opportunity to test a few products from Whish and I found myself looking forward to shaving.

The packaging was adorable, pink and black lacquered boxes, but it was the aroma that sent me into heaven, it reminded me of dessert.  After this afternoons workout I decided it was time to shave my legs, again.

I eagerly applied Shave Crave all over my legs and literally had the best shave of my life.  I’ve tried countless shaving creams and lotions, even went as far as to use old hair conditioner.  But nothing compared to Shave Crave.

My legs were smooth and silky soft, softer then usual.  Shaving now isn’t going to seem like such a chore, because it was a clean and smooth shave, and the fragrance was intoxicating.

Whish body care products were created by Jesse and Sam Werner, we have Jesse’s wife to thank, she mentioned to her adoring husband that she whished she had a shaving cream like his and he complied and created these amazing  beauty products.

Whish products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Tea& DEA Free and Petrochchemical Free and are all natural.  In addition Whish uses organic ingredients whenever possible.

Whish Body Products, for the shave you’ve been craving!

Shave Crave by Whish gets a TEN!


*available in 4 Lucious scents.

Whish Body Products are also available at Nordstroms

Daytime Flattering Shades of Summer Red

Flamenco Lip Stain by Josie Maran $19

I’ve become obsessed with Lip Glazes, Stains and Tints.  I love discovering new ways to wear Red.

If you’ve been avoiding wearing red because the texture of Red Lipstick is usually to thick or heavy, there are modern formulations of Red.

Flamenco by Jose Maran is a gorgeous Red that lasted throughout the day, including meal time.  The color does fade as the day progresses, but I never had to reapply.

I discovered E.L.F Cosmetics, they make a selection of Glazes,Glosses and Tints. The prices are affordable, I went crazy and picked out all the colors I thought I would wear.  You can’t go wrong with $1 dollar price points.  I loved the amazing sheer texture.  I’m not used to wearing glosses, and this is a painless way to test the waters without investing a mini fortune in cosmetics.

Vixen Hypershine Gloss by E.L.F Cosmetics and Red 556 by N.Y.C Color

Another great product is N.Y.C Color Liquid Lip Shine.  Not only is the smell intoxicating, reminds me of Dolly Madison cakes, but the color can be deepened to create a deeper or lighter Red.

These shades are a few of the many options that are now available.  The important thing is to keep an open mind and play with color.  I’m wearing colors and textures I never thought I could wear.

Sheer Reds are amazing for a paired down, but sophisticated look this summer.

Red instantly brightens your complexion and makes your teeth look whiter. Get the radiance that only a great Red can give.

A Quenching Drink for Your Lips

Lip Drink SPF15

I opened the tube to the aroma of lemonade, I had to stop myself from slathering it on.  My lips stayed hydrated through out the day and I only needed to reapply after meals.

Lip drink by Jane Iredale is a macadamia nut oil lip balm with added sunscreen and UVB protection.  It’s the ultimate companion out on the slopes or in my case Maui.

I learned that petroleum-based lip products are on a continual drying cycle – the more you use them the dryer your lips become.  Are your lips thirsty?

Quench your lips with Lip Drink!

Lip Drink by Jane Iredale gets a TEN!


Pure Beauty

2124 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


~ For That Luminous Appearance, That Glows From Within~


I was skeptical at first, having used powder blushes my whole life.  My concern was getting too much blush on or not being able to blend it into my skin properly.  I managed to make it work and I’m glad I did.            

Clarity is Jane Iredale’s NEW color and it’s the perfect shade of pink.  I was looking for a pop of color for my cheeks and the added bonus is that you can apply Clarity to your lips!            

This amazing Touch Cream Stick Blush is available in 5 beautiful shades, one for every skin tone.            

The formula is non-irritating and talc free.  One sweep is all it takes for that natural wash of color.            


In Touch Cream Blush by Jane Iredale get’s a TEN!             

Pure Beauty            

2125 Fillmore Street            

San Francisco, CA 94115            


For Women Who Juggle Their Lives & Look Chic in The Process

SHE Magazine

I love discovering New Beauty and Fashion magazines.  I recently discovered SHE – it’s a British magazine that’s dedicated to busy women who juggle careers and family life – and who manage to look chic in the process.

I get to learn that beauty and health concerns are the same all over the world, I also get to read about beauty products I never heard of and that’s a huge plus!

Did I mention that I’m also a sucker for anything British?

SHE Magazine gets a TEN!!


~ A Dewy Youthful Look, and a touch of Moonlight

I’m in love with this little bottle, seems all good things do come in small packages.  Senna Cosmetics makes a range of highlighters, the Liquid Ice can be mixed with your daily moisturizer or your liquid foundation.  I played with it and loved the results.

Liquid Ice is an Illuminating Liquid that highlights the skin, adding a dewy glow all over.  I dabbed it directly to my cheek bones, eye area and my decollete.  There was no sparkle, just an overall glow that was appropriate for daytime and just enough for an evening out on the town.

It’s oil-free and great for all skin types.  So go ahead and GLOW!

Liquid Ice by Senna Cosmetics get’s a TEN!


Right now until June 30th Senna Cosmetics is offering FREE SHIPPING – Plus a Free Color Wash Brush with any online Bronzer Purchase! 

Don't forget to ask for your Sample of HDExtreme!

Longer, Thicker and Fuller Lashes

I didn’t think my lashes could get more beautiful.  I was sitting on the couch with my sister Rosemary when she turned to ask me what mascara I was wearing.  I’m like, I’m not wearing makeup.

I had to smile, I’ve been applying Revitalash on my eyelashes for the past two weeks and they enhanced my already gorgeous lashes.  She was in disbelief and now plans on buying Revitalash.

Revitalash is a unique eyelash conditioner that enhances fragile,sparse,thin,brittle and short lashes.  So you can have the appearance of beautiful, healthy lashes.  I’m in love and right now you can order a 6 month supply for $150 or a 3 month supply for $98.

RevitaLash, a remarkable cosmetic innovation that will dramatically enhance the beauty of your natural lashes.

Revitalash gets a TEN!!

New York Red

I opened the box and instantly fell in love with the packaging, the tube is a luxurious gold and black case that holds a Red Lipstick so magnificent that my heart skipped a beat.

Christi Harris the Brow Queen knows a lot about Red Lipstick, creating a color so beautiful that a Red Lipstick connoisseur like myself  is reminded of Babe Paley.

The name is fitting, New York Red – it captures that New York moment of strolling down Fifth Avenue while you’re wearing your Manolos.

New York Red by Christi Harris get’s a TEN!


*Lipsticks are available in 19 Luxurious shades