~ Combatting Excessive Dryness and Skin Dehydration ~

Vitamin C The Concentrate

My sister Wendy was complaining about  dry skin, she asked me to recommend a product that would infuse moisture and hydration into her skin.  I recommended Vitamin C – The Concentrate by Pevonia Botanica.

Vitamin C by Pevonia Botanica is a non-greasy, aromatic facial oil, it’s infused with Mandarin Essential oil  and Vitamin A & E for antioxidant protection.

I love that it helps promote a more even skin tone and prevents the signs of premature aging, plus it smells delicious.

It’s amazing for combating excessive dryness and skin dehydration from within.

I came home this Father’s day weekend and my sister couldn’t stop talking about how Vitamin C – The Concentrate instantly cured her skin of excessive dryness.

Vitamin C – The Concentrate gets a TEN!



~ Sex & the Single girl ~

By Helen Gurley Brown

I bought this book years ago, when I was teaching myself about the Rules of Dating.  I was too young and naïve back then, that learning anything without experience wasn’t an option.

There are no short cuts  for single or married women. The same amount of work is involved in getting a man and keeping one.

A valuable lesson I learned, that we as women should never neglect ourselves, we need to take time out to nurture and pamper ourselves both emotionally and physically.

I love this book because Helen Gurley Brown gives us tough love, she lays out a step by step guide line on the rules of being single and enjoying casual sex in the city.

It’s perfectly natural to want a relationship, providing it’s for all the right reasons.  It’s important to have a life and not focus on finding Mr. Right.

We learn that when we focus on ourselves it makes it easier to have an adult relationship not just with Mr. Right but with all the other important people in our lives.

I enjoyed reading the section where all the different types of men are broken down by group, and the places where we can meet them.

This little book is filled with other useful advice, the most important,  that there is no set path for achieving happiness and success.

Before there was Sex & the City there was Helen Gurley Brown.

Sex & the Single girl gets a TEN!

3 Layers of Shimmering Radiance

Radiance Face Trio

I love beauty products that have multiple uses.  Radiance Face Trio by Senna Cosmetics has three layers of shimmering radiance. 

I played with each color individually, creating a pearlized effect around my eyes, nose, lips and cheeks.  

I then proceeded to swirl my brush around the pallet, feeling inspired, I used this amazing shimmering face trio as an eye shadow and finishing powder.  

Radiance Face Trio by Senna Cosmetics is a highlighter, blush and bronzer all rolled into one.  

For that instant healthy glow, glow with Senna Cosmetics.  

Radiance Face Trio by Senna Cosmetics gets a TEN! 



Matte Winter Red in the Summer

Matte Winter Red by The Makeup Gourmet

I love finding new shades of Red Lipstick.  I didn’t get excited at first, thinking it was a berry red.

Colors are deceiving until you try them on. It turned out to be a deep true red, so beautiful I started hyperventilating.

I especially loved how the light reflected from the pigment, creating a gorgeous shade of Red.

Matte Winter Red by The Makeup Gourmet gets a TEN!



* Lipsticks are available in 14 beautiful shades

Lashes to Die For, The Mascara


I loved the fact that my mascara didn’t run or smudge, even after applying my eye drops.    

It dried quickly, it didn’t clump and it lasted all day.  I especially loved the fact that my eyelashes had even separation, my eyes looked softer and it melted completely away during cleansing.  I was impressed.    

The brush is unique in that it features two specialized zones, one for lengthening and the other for volumizing.  It was easy to create buildable drama and I love drama.   

Lashes to Die For Mascara by Peter Thomas Roth gets a TEN!   




Pure Beauty   

2124 Fillmore Street   

San Francisco, Ca 94115   


~ Treating Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin ~

Glytone Acne Gel

I’ve applied Glyone Acne Gel nightly for the past week, I’m trying to treat my New blemishes without picking at my skin, often causing regret and hyperpigmintation.

I made a vow to leave my skin alone and visit my dermatologist if things got out of control.  So far so good!

Glytone Acne Gel is a benzoyl peroxide treatment that fights acne bacteria and excess oil, it helps keep skin blemish free.  It aides in the exfoliation process, and neutralizes the bacteria that causes acne.

After a week of treating my skin with Glytone Acne Gel my blemishes are almost gone!

Glytone Acne Gel gets a TEN!




* Glytone makes various skincare treatments for all skin types.

A Drink for Your Lips


I’m surprised I liked this lipstick color, it was created for Christina ApplegateJane Iredale makes cosmetics that compliment all skin tones, which explains why this color worked well with my complexion. 

PureMoist comes in 32 fashion colors, from matte to shimmer. The state-of-the-art liposome formula gives intense moisture, color and staying power.  No FD&C dyes or preservatives.  

I loved the Mint & Vanilla scent, plus the SPF 8 is an added bonus.  Give your lips a drink with Jane Iredale PureMoist

PureMoist by Jane Iredale gets a TEN! 




Pure Beauty 

2124 Fillmore Street 

San Francisco, CA 94115 


Leaving Stressed and Dry Hands Behind


I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in the past, but I have never experienced having moisturized and hydrated hands for two days after one application.  My friend Vanessa kept touching my hands because it was too good to be true.

I tested the Lavender Hand Cream, it was just like dipping into total relaxation. I applied it at night, right before bed and the smell of Lavender helped me fall fast asleep.

HollyBeth products are 95% organic, no parabens, sulfates or artificial dyes and fragrance.  Packaging is made from recyclable glass jars and recycled materials.

Another favorite scent of mine is the Marigold & Sweet Basil, a natural luxury containing Shea Butter.


Marigold & Sweet Basil

HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury gets a TEN!


Available at Whole Foods

*Cruelty Free

Luscious Liquid Lipstick

Blossom and Fairy Luscious Liquid Lipstick By E.L.F Cosmetics

I’m obsessed with affordable price points, I’m addicted to the art of playing with color and texture.   

I loved the opalescent sheer color of Fairy, it can be worn alone or over other lip products.  I wore it over nude lipstick for that hint of sparkle.  

Blossom is a gorgeous sheer pink that can be worn alone for those hot summer days in the city.   

Luscious Liquid Lipstick by E.L.F Cosmetics gets a TEN!  



Available at Target