~ For the Life of Your Skin ~ First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Cream

I never thought I would say this, but I love this big tub of cream.  All my friends know I abuse beauty products and can’t follow directions to save my life.

I sometimes keep  facial masks on for longer then necessary.  The results are often severe dry skin.

My skin was recently rescued by First Aid Beauty, my skin immediately felt relief from dry, cracked and chapped skin. I was so happy my recent beauty mishap lasted 24 hours instead of the normal 72 hour turn around.

Ultra Repair Cream is intense therapy for dry, itchy, scaly skin due to eczema, cosmetic treatments, and harsh weather conditions.

The benefits are deep hydration, the skin is calmed and restored, providing immediate relief and signs of visible improvement.

This rich cream can be applied anywhere on the body, hands, feet, elbows and in my case my face.

If you suffer from beauty challenges like I do, then I recommend Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty.

Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty gets a TEN!

$28/ 6oz.



~ The World Famous Tweezer ~

The Slant tweezer

I take turns eyebrow mapping, eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tweezing.  I generally tweeze stray facial hair . My beauty tool of choice is Tweezerman! It’s the best in precision and it’s guaranteed to grab unwanted facial hair every time. 

I’ve bought other tweezers over the years, often trying to economize but I always go back to Tweezerman. I found that tweezing with Tweezerman I eliminate grabbing and pinching my delicate eye skin, while keeping my eyebrows properly groomed. 

On the plus side, Tweezerman sharpens their beauty tools free of charge and replaces bent tips for $5 – No shipping and handling charges, simply send in an insured padded envelope and allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

Tweezerman Service 

235 Blue Bell Road 

Houston, TX 77037 


Available at all Pure Beauty Supply Stores.

~ Mastering Any Style ~

Lucky Shopping Manual

This is another great book to have in your fashion library. It’s great for inspiration and its a guide to wearing iconic looks while showing you how to make them your own.

This is good information if you find yourself in a rut or simply don’t know how to update your already existing wardrobe.  Fashion is all about having fun while you’re in your twenties and finding your ideal style after that.

Kim France and Andrea Linett show us 10 iconic looks – I’m a big fan of the American Classic, California Casual and Bohemian, what’s your style?

The Lucky Guide gets a TEN!


Having a Hissyfit, Saving Face

Saving Face

I was worried about the texture being to thick and heavy, but this foundation completely melted into my skin giving me a youthful and dewy complexion.   

Hissyfit Saving Face is a unique foundation that has anti-aging botanical extracts that help combat the signs of aging.  The plus side is that it also has an SPF 50 with a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB ray protection.  This is a great product with summer being right around the corner.   

I love that Hissyfit Saving Face delivers intense moisture while helping renew the skin’s surface.  This unique foundation is available in 8 carefully selected shades, one for every skin tone, not just light, medium and dark.   

Hissyfit Saving Face works to perfect your skin while you work – indoors or out.  

Protect – Renew – Perfect   

Hissyfit Saving Face gets a TEN!  




Bright Eyes, Whiter Teeth, and Glowing Skin


Where was this gorgeous color on my Trip to Rome this past January?  I looked at my vacation pictures and realized I should have worn Red throughout my Roman Holiday.

Roman Red by Christi Harris evokes fond memories of my walk through the Via Condotti – of my journey through the Villa Borghese.  It would have been proper during my visit to Pauline Bonaparte’s statue of Juno.

I threw my coin into the Trevi Fountain knowing I’ll definitely be wearing Roman Red by Christi Harris on my next visit to Rome.

Christi Harris lipsticks are available in 19 gorgeous shades, formulated with anti-aging color properties, giving a youthful appearance to all skin tones.

Roman Red by Christi Harris gets a TEN!



Star Beauty Award Winner 2010 ~ Best Concealer

NEW Un-Wrinkle Conceal & Brighten

This little magic wand preformed a miracle.  It instantly camouflaged my dark circles and it didn’t settle into my tiny laugh lines.  

I love the soft and natural finish, the instant softening effect enhanced my non-surgical eye lift giving me a more youthful appearance.  

The area around my eyes was immediately brightened, I looked fresh, youthful and awake.  This is the best under eye concealer I’ve ever tried.  I love it! 

Concealing and Brightening duo contains a patent pending wrinkle fighting blend of 6 anti-aging peptides and neuropeptides.  

Conceal – Reverse – Protect  

Un-Wrinkle Conceal & Brighten by Peter Thomas Roth gets a TEN!  




Pure Beauty  

2124 Fillmore Street  

San Francisco, CA 94115  


The Future of Makeup, Handmade & Pure


Sumbody Lip Tint
I loved the sheer texture of this lip tint, it enhanced my natural lip color while giving me a polished look.  Sumbody cosmetics are made with natural, organic ingredients.  If it’s not natural it’s not on the menu. 
Sumbody is Free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. 
I tested mineral blush in Be Mine and loved the sheer water-color texture, I had that natural no-makeup makeup look. 
Perfect makeup for that Maui Vacation or if you’re trying to fly under the radar.
Sumbody Handmade and  Pure gets a TEN!
1350 Park Street
Alameda, Ca 94501
3800 Bel Aire Plaza
Napa, Ca 94558
* These are both New Spring/Summer Colors and will be available in stores and for online purchase.
Sumbody Mineral Blush

Where Beautiful Skin Begins


Dr. Burns, My dermatologist recommended that I use a facial cleanser with glycolic acid.  I’ve been using Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic Cleanser and it’s great for acne prone skin.

It effectively removed dirt and excess oils from the skin, rinsing completely off without the assistance of a post-cleanse or an astringent. My skin was left smooth and hydrated.

Another feature asset is that Bioglycolic Cleanser also aids in skin resurfacing, one of my mayor concerns. It’s soap free,  non-irritating, and it’s for all skin types.

Plus I love the price point – $29

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser gets a TEN!




Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

The Flood Building

570 Market Street #1188

San Francisco, CA 94102


For That Iridescent Lip Shimmer

Baby Doll Plumping Lip Glaze by E.L.F Cosmetics

I love the affordable price points, and the gorgeous colors.  Playing with color has never been this much fun. And at these prices, if you pick the wrong color you won’t break the bank. 

I recently tested Plumping Lip Glaze by E.L.F Cosmetics in Baby Doll.  It’s a safe and gently formula that instantly stimulates your lips for a more natural and fuller pout. 

I love the tinted glaze, just the right amount of color.  My lips were an iridescent shade of luxurious shimmer. 

Baby Doll by E.L.F Cosmetics gets a TEN! 


E.L.F Cosmetics are available at all Target locations.