Making my brown eyes gorgeous with Jane Iredale Eye Steppes

Courtesy of Jane Iredale

I normally don’t wear eyeshadow because I’m usually wearing red lipstick.  On the other hand I’m not very comfortable with eye makeup application.  It’s confusing to me, trying to figure out what colors work best and if I’m blending enough etc…

Jane Iredale makes it easy to get ready in the mornings, especially if we’re running late. She created three gorgeous eye makeup pallets – New Eye SteppesNow we can all have  gorgeous eyes!

 I love the pretty compacts filled with the perfect color combination for my brown eyes. Getting ready in the morning is tough enough without having to spend a lot of time in front of the makeup mirror.  Plus the compact filled with gorgeous color fits perfectly inside my makeup bag.

 Leave it to Jane Iredale to customize five beautiful shades of eye color, thank you Jane for taking the guess work out of eye makeup, and making it easier to get ready in the mornings.

New Eye Steppes by Jane Iredale get a TEN!


Available at Pure Beauty

Sun-Kissed Color by Cargo Cosmetics

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

Discovering new blush/bronzers is a favorite pastime of mine.  I once mentioned to a makeup artist that I applied two blushes, and a bronzer every morning.  Instead of looking at me like I was crazy they agreed that its best for contouring and shading.

I was pleased that I wasn’t alone in my wish to contour and enhance my natural appearance.  However what happens when we over sleep in the morning and only have ten minutes?
I discovered Beachblush in CoralBeach by Cargo Cosmetics.  The pan has the perfect combination of a blush and bronzer, four colors that capture a perfect summer glow.  In my case it reminded me of my summer vacation in Maui.
Light Reflective Mica – the shimmer particals helped diffuse the light and created an all over softness that lasted throughout the day. Vitamin E – an antioxidant that conditioned the skin while providing protections and hydration.
Available at Macy’s

The Color Purple is Provocative by BeingTrue Cosmetics

Courtesy of BeingTrue Cosmetics

After my conversation with my friend Joseph I went in search of the color purple.  I found this gorgeous color by beingTrue Cosmetics. This  shade of purple left me breathless, I’m really a Red Lipstick sorta gal, but I’ve been known to play with color on occasion.  I loved how the color enhanced my natural features without being too much.  The luxurious satin finish glided on smoothly creating outrageous depth and dimension.  The peppermint scent reminded me of the peppermint patties of my childhood while the Satin Lip color itself reminded me of the sophisticatation of the color Purple.

Satin Lip Shine by beingTrue Cosmetics gets a TEN!

Available in 17 Luxurious shades. $22

Spa Radiance
3011 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, Ca 94123

Q & A with Benefit’s leading Man – Joseph A. Perez


Courtesy of JP

Joseph A. Perez is Benefit Cosmetics leading man, landing on the cover of its national catalog,  placed Joseph as San Francisco’s makeup artist de Jour. 

I’ve known Joseph for years, and from my experience as a District Manager for a Skincare Boutique I always admired his passion and drive for the business. 

Joseph’s experience with Benefit Cosmetics has landed him the opportunity of  working behind the scenes at QVC, the Emmys, a feature in 17 Magazine and working with celebrity clients.  It took months to set up this interview, as Joseph is busy running the Benefit on Fillmore.  He was gracious and agreed to meet me for coffee.

Anita: How did you get started in a life of Makeup and beauty?

Joseph: By chance, I was in HR before my career in cosmetics.  I loved coaching, training and motivating people and found it rather difficult to discipline them, I didn’t like the role of being the bad guy. 

Anita: Where did you work before Benefit?

Joseph: I began my Cosmetic career at Macy’s, working for Chanel.  I wasn’t hired for my makeup skills, but because of my personality.  I was so good at my job that Chanel wanted to hire me as a regional and Macy’s didn’t want to lose me and this created a tug a war. I ended up working for Benefit and it’s been 6 years now.

Anita: congratulations of making it on the Cover of Benefits Catalog!

Joseph: Thank you! I’m having fun with it.

Anita: Now to get down to the Makeup questions – What is the biggest misconception women have about makeup?

Joseph: Most women are afraid of leaving their comfort zone, they are afraid to look different, being able to access your own fabulousness is empowering, you don’t need to be a makeup artist to wear makeup.

Anita: What is your favorite makeup tip/secret?

Joseph: The Canvas, the skin, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You can never be dewy enough, never be too radiant.

Anita: What have you learned about women and makeup?

Joseph: I learned that nobody wants to wear makeup, yet everybody wants to see a result, my challenge as a makeup artist is to be able to develop a routine for women that is user-friendly.

Anita: If a woman has five minutes in the morning for makeup, what steps do you recommend as being most important?


1. A moisturizer with an SPF – hydration is key.

2. Curling lashes – a must!

3. Filling in your brows – gives that polished look.

4. a tinted lip balm – for hydration and color.

Granted if you have a few more minutes then use a little mascara, concealer and blush and presto you’re ready to leave the house.

Anita: Makeup trends we should know about this season?

Joseph: The trends for fall are any shade of purple or plum under the sun, also a more natural look to makeup – not too heavy.

Anita: What are the top 10 Benefit products every gal should have in her beauty closet?


1. Brow Zing

2. ” You Rebel “

3. Some kind of gorgeous

4. Girl meets Pearl

5. Benetint

6. Bad Gal W/P eye pencil

7. Stay don’t stray eye primer

8. The professional

9. Sugar Bomb

10. Bad Gal Mascara

Anita: (After reading this list, I must admit I’m a little intrigued) – Who is your favorite makeup artist?

Joseph: Pat McGrath – the best in the business! She’s a creative and legendary genius.

Anita: The question I’ve been dying to ask, what’s in your famous makeup kit?

Joseph: All Benefit Cosmetic products, I can achieve all the looks needed for any event with Benefit!

Anita: Do’s & Don’ts of makeup application?


1. Always wear Moisturizer, regardless of skin type – don’t neglect your skin!

2. Change your makeup accordingly, to the seasons, events – daytime and evening.  Don’t get caught in a routine.

3. Don’t forget to fill in your brows, they frame your face.

4. Wear primer under makeup – makeup won’t last all day without it.

5. Use an eyelash curler! Never assume your eyelashes are at full potential.

6. Wear age-appropriate makeup  – don’t assume all products work on everyone.

7. Personalize and contrast your makeup to your skin undertones and eye color – don’t follow tradition, beauty is an individual thing.

8. Always remove your makeup at night, it’s very bad to sleep with makeup.  You age faster! Don’t use soap as a cleanser, it will dry your skin out.

9. Use creamy concealers, not powder concealers.


Anita: Last minute words of Wisdom?


1. Don’t tweeze your own brows – it’s very bad to tweeze them yourself, go to a professional!

2. Less is always More!

3. Be in touch with your inner glam – know it and access it.

4. Ladies, let’s fix this recession one lipstick at a time! ( Love that! )

5. Never forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that only applies if you behold your own beauty! – J.A Perez.

Anita: I’ve enjoyed this conversation so much – off the record let’s talk about boys!

Joseph: ( Laughing ) okay – put your pen away!


Benefit Boutique

2117 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94115

415 – 567-0242

* Out of all the Benefit locations I’ve visited, by far Benefit on Fillmore street gives the best service, I’ve never been pressured into buying anything and the staff is professional, knowledgeable and gracious.




Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask by John Masters Organics

Courtesy of John Masters Organics


John Masters Organics Moroccan Clay Mask is perfect for oily or combination skin.  I love that it helps balance the production of sebum and aids in the removal of toxins.  It’s also great for teenage skin.

Key Ingredients:

1. Moroccan Clay – Absorbs oils and impurities.

2. Balsam Copaiba – is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

3. Aloe Vera Gel – Soothing, Calming and anti-inflammatory.

4. Lavender – Soothing, Calming.

5. Sunflower – Helps retain moisture and protects the skin.

I left the mask on for a little bit longer then recommended, and my skin looked clean, clear and radiant.  The mask is non-drying and moisturizing, most masks if left on too long have a tendancy to dry your skin out.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Moroccan Clay Mask by John Masters Organics gets a TEN!


Available at Whole Foods

Flawless Coverage with Cargo Cosmetics

High definition makeup, Blu_ray by Cargo Cosmetics was designed to look perfectly natural, behind the scenes and in front of the camera.  Getting ready for my close-up has never been this easy.

I loved that my skin looked flawless and that the photochromatic pigments helped keep the color consistent.

The micronized light diffusers reflected the light that concealed my imperfections.

I felt instantly pretty, are you ready for your close-up?

Blu_ray High-Definition Pressed Powder gets a TEN!


Available at Macy’s

Going green with New goGreen Eye Steppes by Jane Iredale


Courtesy of Jane Iredale

Leave it to Jane Iredale to take the guess-work out of eye makeup.  Jane Iredale’s New Eye Steppes come in three color pallets, one for brown, blue and green eyes. 

Each compact features 5 carefully selected shades that flatter and help getting ready easier in the mornings.

Jane Iredale makeup is long wearing, crease proof, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

The gorgeous compacts have interchangeable shelves, where you can mix and match from your favorite eye steppes colors for unimaginable color.  I love that my eye steppes fit inside my makeup bag and they’re great for travel too!

Jane Iredale, for makeup that feels as good as it looks.*


Pure Beauty

2124 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94115


Beauty Profile w/ Megan Pais Gallinger of Cargo Cosmetics

Megan Pais Gallinger - Marketing Coordinator Cargo Cosmetics
Megan has a strong background in marketing and has delivered the message of Cosmetics throughout her career through various forms. Megan is the marketing communications manager for Cargo Cosmetics, a Makeup Company known for their innovative Blu_Ray makeup collection.
Megan has a busy schedule, with a new husband and successful career she took time to sit with me and answer a few beauty questions.
Anita: What are your top five favorite beauty products and why?
Megan: I am very sceptical when it comes to miraculous fixes, but there are a few products that I can’t live without – No bias intended! My top 5 are: 1. Cargo’s OneBase – because I can dot and blend without having to cake my face with makeup if I’m in a hurry.
2. Cargo’s blu_ray Pressed Powder and Blush in Pink – they are lightweight and natural, and always make me look perfect without effort.
4. Dior Nude Foundation – Silky and light in texture, perfect for my oily/combo skin.
5. Bio Oil – this is an amazing product, it smooths the skin and removes unwanted minor scars that you absolutely dread.
Anita: What are your favorite non-Brand beauty products/why?
Megan: I like simple things like yogurt, Vitamin E, Cucumber, lemon  things that when you let your skin sit in or eat – make you feel magnificent on the inside and out.
Anita: What’s your favorite shade of Red Lipstick?
Megan: If you’re going to go Red  – go with Dior’s Positive Red.  The ultimate luxury.
Anita: If you only had five minutes to get ready in the morning what beauty products would you use?
Megan: My 7 in 7 by Cargo – it’s a pack of Cargo 7 workhouse products that will get you ready and out the door in 7 minutes!  The pack contains my OneBase, a bronzer/blush, gloss, mascara, eyeliner and lipliner.  It doesn’t get any better than that!
Anita: I love the sound of the 7 in 7 Cargo Workhouse pack! okay – any last minute pearls of wisdom?
Megan: Be as natural as you can with your look or image.  I find that so many women paint their faces and it’s too bad because what’s so beautiful is what you’re covering up – YOU!
Anita: I look forward to our future conversations, Thank you Megan!

LA’s Beauty Secret – Skincare by Leaf & Rusher

I brought along Leaf & Rusher skincare with me on my summer vacation in Maui.  My skin was kept clean and clear throughout the week.  I liked it so much my younger sister started using it too, and as far as I’m concerned that’s giving it the seal of approval.

Leaf & Rusher skincare products are jam-packed with a melody of ingredients called DNA Resolve, marine enzyme extracts that deeply nourish, protect, repair and hydrate the skin.

Sophisticated, and highly intuitive skincare that seems to work with our skin, revealing healthy gorgeous skin.  Leaf & Rusher skincare is the brainchild of Dr. Norman Leaf, a board-certified plastic surgeon and Rand Rusher a skilled registered nurse, who is well-regarded for his skin-enhancing programs. 

I love Leaf & Rusher skincare products, they helped keep my skin blemish free, and existing acne under control.

Call 1-866-LR-90210 for more information.