A Red Lipstick to Consider – Aloha by Lipstick Queen

Blog hopping today I came across a shade that looked intriguing. I’m going to have to stop by the Barney’s counter next time I’m in the area and check it out. It’s moisturizing and adds the right amount of color for those breezy summer nights. What about you guys, find new shades of our favoriteContinue reading “A Red Lipstick to Consider – Aloha by Lipstick Queen”

Red Lipstick to Consider – Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick in Red by Lipstick Queen

Reading the world-wide web today I realized it’s been a week since I posted and honestly there hasn’t been much news in the red lipstick front, unless you count the fact that red lips lost out at the Tony Awards, seems everyone that attended chose to wear nude. I’m speechless honestly. In my musings IContinue reading “Red Lipstick to Consider – Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick in Red by Lipstick Queen”

My New Favorite Lip Product – The Lip Enhancer by Zelens

Zelens is one of the best skincare brands available today and recently they launched an anti-aging makeup collection that will allow us to continue with our skincare regimen 24/7. I love my New Lip Enhancer, you can wear it alone for a hint of color or you can layer it underneath your favorite crimson. IContinue reading “My New Favorite Lip Product – The Lip Enhancer by Zelens”

Playing With Colour – MAKE COLOUR

I don’t know about you guys but I love playing with colour, layering, mixing and matching. A new brand I mentioned awhile ago is by MAKE. The colours are bold, look-at-me colours that can be applied subtly or with dramatic flair.  Everything is in the wrist and your favorite makeup brushes, although I have beenContinue reading “Playing With Colour – MAKE COLOUR”

New Fashion Blog – Emerson Fry

I love discovering new blogs, especially those that share in the daily grind of life. Emerson Fry herself isn’t just chic, but she designs her own clothes, just wish she had a shop in San Francisco,  I hate ordering shoes and sweaters online without trying them on. However her clothes are affordable, maybe Barneys willContinue reading “New Fashion Blog – Emerson Fry”

Red for the Holiday’s at Barneys New York

Besides wearing crimson hues, I like anything in red, from shoes to jewelry and note books for jotting down things I don’t want to forget, okay I actually use my notes section on my phone for that, but I would still love a red address book or notebook. We scoured the web for some interestingContinue reading “Red for the Holiday’s at Barneys New York”

Maraschino Cherry by Make

These days I’ll try almost any red, seems I’ve been bored with my current rotations and jumped on the opportunity to apply this delectable hue of crimson. Maraschino Cherry by Make is one of the new cutting-edge makeup brands at Barneys, plus at $25 a pop makes it an affordable luxury. The silky smooth textureContinue reading “Maraschino Cherry by Make”

A Red Lipstick to Consider – Hydra Chic – Persimmon by Chantecaille

On my next visit to Union Square I’m definitely going to peruse the  cosmetic counters in search of a New shade of crimson.  I have various great shades, but am becoming bored. What do you guys think of this one? Persimmon by Chantecaille $34 @Barneys.com and Neiman Marcus.com

I Wish I Wore Pink Lip Gloss

Pink seems to be the trend this Spring/Summer and I do wish I wore Pink Lip Gloss. I’m really girly at heart and gravitate towards  pink glosses and I  just stare at them  wistfully, longingly. If you wear pink and lip glosses in all shades we found three gorgeous pinks that work for a varietyContinue reading “I Wish I Wore Pink Lip Gloss”

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part Three

A gift I gave my younger sisters for Christmas 2012 was this adorable agenda by Ines de la Fressange, Le Parisienne Agenda 2013. I stumbled upon the picture at Ritournelleblog.com another favorite blog of mine; it’s culturally Tre’s Chic! The Agenda makes a great Valentine’s Day gift and is available @Amazon.com $19.95. It’s no secret I’m obsessedContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part Three”