Don’t Handbag Shame Me or My Friends – Handbag Envy Isn’t Fun

I recently read a post from one of my favorite interior design bloggers, and I’ve been offended. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in the Shoe Shame Episode on “Sex & the City”.  It is not for me to judge others by how they choose to spend their money.  Also a good portion of women dressContinue reading “Don’t Handbag Shame Me or My Friends – Handbag Envy Isn’t Fun”

A Perfect Red Lip Pencil – Jordana Cosmetics

Mixing high and low isn’t just for fashion but cosmetics too! I’m a reformed Chanel and YSL beauty junkie, I still have a few of my favorites but recently have been trying other brands, outside of the box. I discovered Jordana Cosmetics,their Cherry Lip Pencil is a steal at $1.99 and compliments orange based redContinue reading “A Perfect Red Lip Pencil – Jordana Cosmetics”

Red Lipstick – Très Chic

French women for the most part are chic, they seem to posses an innate chic gene that inspires the rest of us.  Recently I stumbled upon a new fashion blog “Keep it Chic” and instantly fell in love, especially with the post by Jennifer Alfano “What French Women Get Right.” I admire stylish women, especiallyContinue reading “Red Lipstick – Très Chic”

August’s Red – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett

Harper’s Bazaar recently came out with a guide for finding the perfect shade of red, according to age and not skin tone, which I found fascinating, because if you’re in your 40’s you should opt for a coral/orange red. Which could explain one of the reasons why I’ve been obsessed with Belle Noir by JulieContinue reading “August’s Red – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett”