New – Marini Lash

I’ve been using Marini Lash for 8 days, and my eyelashes are stunning!  They are longer, thicker and fuller.  I can only imagine what they are going to look like in 8 more days – simply gorgeous! I’m so excited, this means I may never ever have to wear mascara again.  Well I’m sure I’ll wear mascara again forContinue reading “New – Marini Lash”

~ Sateen Sheer Face Color ~

  This blush went on easily, reminding me of a water-color.  It looked natural and not over done. I was loving the rosy effect and sheer texture.  My skin looked soft, natural and radiant.    Senna blushes add natural definition, and glamour.  They are long-lasting, easy to blend, and come in three different finishes.  This explains why I didn’t need toContinue reading “~ Sateen Sheer Face Color ~”

PCA Skin – trust the experts

The Age Control (Oily) Solution These little bottles pack a powerful punch, the serums absorbed easily into my skin, leaving my skin smooth and incredibly soft.  The facial wash dissolved my makeup and left my skin PH balanced. What wrinkles I have were diminished in a matter of days.  My skin never looked so healthy! PCA Skin isContinue reading “PCA Skin – trust the experts”

Lippmann Nail Collection

Ever wonder what to put on healthy nails? I did and discovered the Lippmann nail collection.  I fell in love with Sarah Smile, a nail color created by Deborah Lippmann and Sarah Jessica Parker. Deborah Lippmann is the favorite celebrity manicurist, and she can boast about George Clooney being on her clientele list.  I would love to have George in myContinue reading “Lippmann Nail Collection”

~ Senna Cosmetics ~

  I’ve been searching for a concealer, and I’ve been unable to find one that really gave me the coverage I needed without making my skin look unnatural.  I wasn’t trying to cover acne, but hyperpigmentation.  I can’t ever leave my skin alone and am often filled with regret.  This tiny little bottle is a miracleContinue reading “~ Senna Cosmetics ~”

Style A to ZOE

I love Rachel Zoe’s guide to fashion, it’s a guide that helps the reader develop their own personal style. I especially love all the individual sections that give you the must haves and the basics to achieving a wearable wardrobe, and the right beauty habits. Here are Rachel’s Five glamour essentials under $50 1) Red Lipstick 2)Continue reading “Style A to ZOE”

~ Senna Cosmetics ~

  I was hesitant when I saw this lipstick color, but now that I’m testing products I discovered that I was to closed-minded in my makeup choices, it was time to branch out and try new colors.   I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with theContinue reading “~ Senna Cosmetics ~”

~ Youngblood ~

  Every City Girl knows she can’t wear red lipstick everyday, and that a complete lipstick wardrobe consists of three colors, with one of them being a lip gloss.    I normally don’t wear lip gloss, it took me several days to figure out how I felt about Youngblood limited edition LipGloss – in COY.     The color from the tubeContinue reading “~ Youngblood ~”